Members Participating

1.   Arlene - yes
2.   Barb - yes
3.   BJ - yes
4.   Buddy - yes
5.   Cathy - yes
6.   Darlene - yes
7.   Diana - resigned
8.   Kate - yes
9.   Joyce- yes

10. Pat - yes 11. Rose - yes 12. Shelley - yes 13. Sophie - yes

REPORTS 1. AlternateChair (Buddy)

2. BusinessChair (BJ))

3. CALCordinator (Rose) :

4. “Gentle Reminder” Coordinator (Darlene) : I've posted the GR volunteer schedule as it stands for now...

5. Keymail Coordinator (Barb) : I have no report except that I have a full 3 months of folks who said they could chair. Barbara Chair Person

6. Secretary/Archivist (Joyce):. The August 2019 KTH MEETING MINUTES have been posted to the blog In Service Joyce

7. Sponsorship Coordinator: (Sophie)

8. Assistant (Stateside) Treasurer : (Shelley) 9. Treasurer : Kate

10. Webmaster (Buddy) : The August 2019 Activity Report has been posted to the Key weblog: Buddy. Key Tech Team

OLD BUSINESS (from July and August still unfinished) From July - Treasurer Job Description: ( changes under discussion including posting to blog rather than or in addition to an off topic to Membership and frequency of  reports  )

B.  From July - Cosignatories on Treasurer Accounts: decided and awaiting finalization

C.  From July - Obtaining a TIN (tax identification number) A KeyBiz Member working on this. Awaiting resolution.

D. From August : Donation to WSO. Treasurer suggested $200 (Australian dollars) donation to WSO. Needing to delay further discussion/donation until change in Australian cosignatory resolved

NEW BUSINESS Business Chair Job Description: suggested changes discussed and agreed on. Revised Job Description now on website B. Reviewing all Keymail Officers and Coordinator Job Descriptions beginning with Officers

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Welcome new member (Pat). Farewell to departing member (Diana) Gentle Reminder Feedback/Meeting Disruptions Permission to quote CAL Conference call meetings Chair Coordinator 3 year current commitment expires May 2020 Website spam now a secure site

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