Members Participating

1.   Adrienne - yes
2.   Arlene -
3.   Barb - yes
4.   BJ - yes
5.   Buddy - yes 
6.   Cathy -yes
7.   Darlene -yes
8.   Kate - yes
9.   Joyce- yes

10. .Pat - yes 11. Rose - yes 12. Shelley - yes 13. Sophie - yes

REPORTS 1. AlternateChair (Buddy)

2. BusinessChair (BJ))

3. CALCordinator (Rose) :

4. Gentle Reminder Coordinator : (Shelly: Here is the GR Committee Report https://key2harmony.org/files/index.php?post/September-GR-Committee-Report

5. Meeting Coordinator (Barb)

6. Secretary/Archivist (Joyce):.The September 2019 KTH MEETING MINUTES have been posted to the Key weblog

7. SponsorCoordinator (Sophie) : Hi everybody,  I posted my report https://key2harmony.org/files/index.php?post/report-from-sponsorship-coordinator2 In service  Sophie

8. StatesideTreasurer (Shelley):

9. Treasurer(Kate):

10. Webmaster (Buddy) : The September 2019 Activity Report has been posted to the Key blog: https://key2harmony.org/files/index.php?post/September-2019-Activity-Report Buddy


UNFINISHED BUSINESS (from July and August still unfinished) From July - Treasurer Job Description: ( changes under discussion including posting to blog rather than or in addition to an off topic to Membership and frequency of  reports  )...Now closed 10/31/19

B. From July - Cosignatories on Treasurer Accounts: decided and awaiting finalization

C.  From July - Obtaining a TIN (tax identification number) A KeyBiz Member working on this. Awaiting resolution.

D. From August : Donation to WSO. Treasurer suggested $200 (Australian dollars) donation to WSO. Needing to delay further discussion/donation until change in Australian cosignatory resolved

E. From September : Review/update all Keymail Officers and Coordinator Job Descriptions on Website blog. Now closed 10/31/19

NEW BUSINESS : 0 (zero)

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS request for verification of attendance at our meeting...is this feasible? Request for email address change - Welcome new member Adrienne

upcoming WEBex  meeting  (possibly re on-line Al-Anon meetings). WEBEx means video conferencing
By Secretary | on Friday, November 8 2019 13:40