November 2021 KeyBiz Minutes

November 2021 Minutes

Members Present: Barb, BJ, Buddy, Cathy , Carole H, Diana G, Kate, Katy, Joyce, Rose, Shelley

Absent: Adrienne, Paul F, Sara S

Present for part of time and then left KeyBiz: Mickey, Sophie

Officers, Coordinators, & Reports

Chair: (BJ)

Alternate Chair: (Buddy)

Treasurer: (Kate)

Stateside Treasurer ( Shelley): Posted the Stateside Treasurer's Report to the Key blog.

Chair Coordinator (Cathy):

Gentle Reminder Coordinator: (Katy):

Sponsorship Coordinator (Barb): I have posted my Sponsor Coordinator's October 2021 Report to the blog.

Webmaster (Buddy) : The October 2021 Activity Report has been posted to the Key to Harmony blog.


Item #1. Secretary Position : Mickey resigned 11/3. Position now Open.

Other Information; Questions & Answers

  • Buddy willing to assist posting to the blog if anyone uncomfortable with doing it
  • Request that Chair Coordinator resume posting Quarterly Chair Schedule on the blog
  • A KeyBiz member volunteered to temporarily take monthly Minutes
  • How/whether to elect a Group Representative to represent Key to Harmony beyond group level.