March-June Stateside treasurer report

March 4th balance 364.18
April 5th payment to webmaster (50.00)
April 8th donation via PayPal 23.97
May 13th payment for Gaggle email. (126.28)
May 31 service charge (7.00)
June 17 donation via PayPal 33.38
June 28 service charge (7.00)

Balance as of July 5, 2019 231.25

In order to avoid a monthly service charge, we need to have a balance over 300$. In order to have a non-profit account, we need a special number. This requires a lot of paperwork through the IRS and it takes a while to get it. Without the tax id number, banks in my area are not going to allow me to set up anything other than a small business account. I am not part of a credit union and live quite a distance from another bank, so I am not looking to change it

By StatesideTreasurer | on Friday, July 5 2019 19:34