March 2022 KeyBiz Minutes

Members Present: Barb, BJ, Buddy, Cathy, Carole, Diana G, Joyce, Kate, Katy, Rose, Shelley

Members Absent: Adrienne, Paul F., Sara,

Officers, Coordinators, & Reports

Chair: (BJ)

Alternate Chair: (Buddy)

Treasurer: (Kate) Secretary: (Joyce): February KeyBiz Minutes

Stateside Treasurer: ( Shelley)

CAL Coordinator: (Rose)

Chair Coordinator: (Cathy):

Friendly Reminder Coordinator: (Katy) Group Rep: (Diana G.) Attended session of Global Electronic Group

Sponsorship Coordinator: (Barb) Sponsor Coordinator Report

Webmaster (Buddy): February 2022 Activity Report

Old Business

Jan ‘22: Need Alternate GR. Feb 22, Mar ‘22: Continue to need alternate GR

New Business