Members Participating

1.   Arlene - yes
2.   Barb - yes
3.   BJ - yes
4.   Buddy - yes
5.   Cathy - yes
6.   Darlene - yes
7.   Diana yes
8.   Kate - yes
9.   Joyce- yes

10. Rose - yes 11. Shelley - yes 12. Sophie - yes

REPORTS 1. AlternateChair (Buddy)

2. BusinessChair (BJ))

3. CALCordinator (Rose) :

4. Gentle Reminder Coordinator : (Darlene) : Hi all -- I have entered the April report to the weblog.

5. Meeting Coordinator (Barb)

6. Secretary/Archivist (Joyce):. I have posted the APRIL 2019 KTH MEETING MINUTES to the Web Blog In Service, Joyce

7. SponsorCoordinator (Sophie)

8. StatesideTreasurer (Shelley) : Sorry for the delay Opening balance April 1st. 364.18 Payment for internet services. 50.00 Donation received via PayPal. 23.97 Ending balance April 30th. 338.15 In service, Shelley 9. Treasurer(Kate)

10. Webmaster (Buddy) : April 2019 Activity Report


 Discussion of changing internet server to instead of gaggle

A1. We have a general concensus (not vote) on the topic of changing servers to, i.e. to not do it at this time but wait a year and see what we think then.  If there are no more comments or discussion, I declare this topic closed. (BJ/KeyBiz Chair)

B. Bill Paying Info B1. The treasurer who pays a bill needs to reference a bill when it is received and when it is paid.  B2, The bill due also needs to go to the CMA/Chair

C. CAL COORDINATOR C1. Joyce wishes to step down from this position ; resignation accepted C2. Rose volunteered to take this position

D. Gaggle Account D1.I received receipts today for the following Gaggle charges to my personal credit card: Up to 25 members         $8.50 317 members            $126,78

TOTAL:                 $126.78

The above includes our 15% non-profit discount. I will send a separate email to the Stateside Treasurer requesting reimbursement.


D2. Paid per Shelley

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. Blocked Addresses 2. CMA received Donation Letter from WSO

By Secretary | on Saturday, June 8 2019 22:29