January 2022 KeyBiz Minutes

Meeting opened January 5. Closed January 27

Members Present : Barb, BJ, Buddy, Carole H, Cathy, Diana G., Joyce, Kate, Katy, Rose,, Sara, Shelley

Members Absent: Adrienne, Paul F,

Officers, Coordinators, & Reports

Chair: (BJ)

Alternate Chair: (Buddy)

Treasurer: (Kate): (Report received. Awaiting link after report posted to blog)

Secretary : (Joyce) : December 2021 KeyBiz Minutes

Stateside Treasurer ( Shelley) :

CAL Coordinator (Rose) :

Chair Coordinator (Cathy): Chair Schedule December-February

Friendly Reminder Committee Coordinator(Katy):

Group Representative (Diana G):

Sponsorship Coordinator (Barb): December 2021 Report

Webmaster (Buddy) : December Activity Report

Old Business

Item # 1: December, 2021: Whether KTH (WSO ID # 62160) wants to elect/appoint a Group Representative with WSO & if so, how this new situation will work out. Minimal discussion. January 2022: Diana G volunteered to be GR/filled out forms to make it official. Now Need Alternate GR

Other Information; Questions & Answers

  • historical perspective on on line meetings given
  • Rename a coordinator position/duties & update website to reflect changes