January 2020 KeyBiz Meeting Minutes

January 2020 KeyBiz MEETING MINUTES

Members Participating

1.   Adrienne
2.   Arlene -
3.   Barb - yes
4.   BJ - yes
5.   Buddy - yes
6.   Cathy - yes
7.   Kate - 
8.   Joyce- yes
9.   Pat - Resigned this month

10. Rose - 11. Shelley - yes 12. Sophie - yes

REPORTS 1. AlternateChair (Buddy)

2. BusinessChair (BJ):

3. CAL Coordinator (Cathy) :

4. Gentle Reminder Coordinator : position open as of this month

5. Gentle Reminder Committee :

6. Meeting Coordinator (Barb) :

7. Secretary/Archivist (Joyce):. The December 2019 Minutes were posted to the web blog

8. SponsorCoordinator (Sophie) : Dear KeyBiz, My report has been posted. In service, Sophie

9.. StatesideTreasurer (Shelley) :

10. Treasurer(Kate) :

11. Webmaster (Buddy) : The December 2019 Activity Report has been posted to the Key blog: https://key2harmony.org/files/index.php?post/December-2019-Activity-Report

Chair opened meeting January 2, 2020


From July 2019 - Cosignatory on Treasurer Accounts

Awaiting co- signatory : Rose is now (December 2019) cosignatory on Australian account...this now is finished business. From January, 2020 : Committee Chair has completed paperwork to be our Cosignatory on the Stateside account and Stateside Treasurer will advise when process is completed.

B. From July 2019 - Obtaining a TIN (tax identification number for stateside bank account - The committee members who was working on obtaining a TIN has resigned from KeyBiz Stateside Treasurer previously indicated a TIN was needed on Stateside Account if we are to have an account with no minimum balance and be listed as a non- profit Further discussion ongoing. Consider EIN instead of TIN (because it is less complicated, still for non-profit status According to the Al-Anon Memorandum "Reoccurring Questions on AL-ANON/ALATEEN GROUPBANK ACCOUNTS" all we may have to do is show the bank a copy of the Service Manual and apply for a simple Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). The details are here: http://www.alnwfl-al-anon.org/_pdfs/GroupBankAccountInfo.pdf

January 2020 : discussion continues as to how to proceed

C. From August 2019- Donation to WSO. Treasurer suggested $200 (Australian dollars) donation to WSO. Awaiting information re how to transfer electronically.

D. From November 2019 : Gentle Reminder Committee - New Coordinator needed From January 2020 : the GR Committee prefers no Coordinator. Schedule written with member doing the monthly monitoring to give monthly report to KeyBiz. . Current committee members : Shelly, Rose, Cathy . Now awaiting current rotation schedule. Also awaiting decisions whether KeyBiz will eliminate Coordinator Position completely and delete it from the Website (website position description also contains another duty)

E. From November 2019 Bank information : Awaiting stateside bank information

     (Australian bank information : Bendigo Bank BSB 633000 )
     (Stateside Bank Information : Essex Bank in Virginia account #4070933) ...Now Finished Business


.QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS estimate of what web bill might be in May clarification re:meeting “roll call”...all KeyBiz members need advise presence at roll call or advise KeyBiz promptly if they cannot participate When Chair Coordinator term ends (? May 2020) Blog not essential ...rather it lets members know the make up KeyBiz and what is available for this on line meeting meeting (per chair) All reporting at monthly meetings goes in the Minutes

Meeting closed by chair January 29, 2020

By Secretary | on Friday, February 7 2020 19:38