Members Participating

1.   Arlene - yes
2.   Barb - yes
3.   BJ - yes
4.   Buddy - yes
5.   Cathy - yes
6.   Darlene - yes
7.   Diana - yes
8.   Kate - yes
9.   Joyce- yes

10. Rose - yes 11. Shelley - yes 12. Sophie - yes

REPORTS 1. AlternateChair (Buddy):

2. BusinessChair (BJ)):

3. CALCordinator (Rose) :

4. Gentle Reminder Coordinator :

5. Meeting Coordinator (Barb):

6. Secretary/Archivist (Joyce):. The May 2019 KTH MEETING MINUTES have been posted to the Web Blog. In Service, Joyce

7. SponsorCoordinator (Sophie):

8. StatesideTreasurer (Shelley):

9. Treasurer(Kate): 10. Webmaster (Buddy) : The May 2019 Activity Report has been posted to the Key blog: http://key2harmony.org/files/index.php?post/May-2019-Activity-Report Buddy BUSINESS

Disruptions to Meetings A1. Discussion of happenings ( members squabbling disrupting meeting , other members joining in by adding on to previous comments, significant increase of members unsubscribing etc) A2. Moderation implementation affirmed and implemented

B. Suggestion to Share Information from key2harmony.org website as Off Topic B1. Discussed and was affirmed B2. Frequency established B3. Darlene volunteered to post and was affirmed B4. Buddy volunteered to rearrange FAQ page on website to encourage reading and was was affirmed

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Re: when to submit reports Re- Gentle Reminders

Re: current Chair Schedule
Re: tweaking trusted servants job descriptions; suggestions affirmed

Respectfully submitted, Joyce

By Secretary | on Sunday, July 7 2019 17:44