Key Business Committee Minutes 1997-2017

Posted here are the archives of the Key to Harmony Business Committee minutes from the first official meeting in December 1997 through the calendar year 2017. 

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 1997
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/1997 07:39:54 AM
NOTE:  Temporary decisions were made at the first chat meeting, Saturday, July 19, 1997.

KEY CHAT MEETING, July 21, 1997:  10 present.
1)  " ...MOTION by Buddy, seconded by Heidi, to use on a trial basis a listserver, recommended by another ol line group, which would cost $100 for six months.  MOTION  carried unanimously.

2)   ...MOTION by Don, second by Buddy, called for the "individual message" format, rather than a "digest format".  MOTION carried unaimously. 
3)   ...MOTION by Don, seconded by Heidi, Buddy and Margaret, and a volunteer, Charlene, were established unanimously as temporary list administrators in order to get the list-server functioning as soon as possible.. 

4)   ...MOTION by Don, second by Heidi, the group voted unanimously to send contributions toward the listserver costs to an anonymous post office box until such time as the group elects a treasurer.  [Key to Harmony c/o Buddy, POB 416, Westminster, SC  29693-0416]

5)   ...MOTION by Buddy, second by Anne, Jan and Heidi were selected as greeters on a committee prepared to grow as volunteers come and are voted in (all temporary pending group vote later.)  

6)   ...invitation letter to other Al-Anon members...the group voted unanimously to describe ourselves merely as 'a new group' with no reference to the past. ...MOTION by Don, seconded by Anne, passed unanimously.

7)   ...writing the letter...MOTION by Anne, seconded by Jan, the group voted that Don would write the letter, Buddy would do an initial edit, all current members of the group would receive a copy and decide if they wish to sign it before it is distributed.  The MOTION carried unanimously.

8)   ...MOTION by Anne, seconded by Margaret, the group voted nanimously to send a copy of the meeting's
transcript to anyone who requested it."

KEY GROUP CHAT, July 25, 1997:  13 PRESENT. 
NOTE:  " After a brief discussion concerning whether to proceed with formal voting or to continue with general discussion, all present decided that the group present would proceed, with the understanding that any decision made could be overturned bya vote of the full membership.  No objections were raised to continuing with a group conscience meeting.

1)   ...MOTION by Merp and a second by Clair, Margaret, Buddy and Shar were elected as members of the Technical Committee... The vote was 12 for, none against, and one abstention.
2)   Merp made a MOTION nominating Elise as group contact.  It was seconded by Clair and Heidi.  All of those present in the room at the time the vote was taken voted "Aye."

3)   ...MOTION by Buddy, seconded by Shar and Clair:  Merp was elected temporary meeting chair unanimously.  Topic meetings, with format left up to Merp, will begin Sunday."  


KEY CHAT MEETING, Aug. 1, 1997:  8 present.
1)  "...the group voted to adopt business meeting proceedures outlined in Elise's Fri., 01 Aug 1997 16:58:34 "Key Chat-Suggestion" message to the Key mailing list, and voted to put those policies into effect for future Key business meetings.  (Please see Elise's suggestions.)

[Elise's suggestions:
' is what I would like to propose:
That as Group Contact, I send a call for agenda items for each upcoming business meeting several days in advance out to our group via e-mail.  I will collect a list of items for the agenda and have a cut-off time (say 24 hours prior to business meeting) for items to be submitted.  Then, the day before the business meeting, I will send an agenda to the group, also via e-mail.  This way, every member will know in advance what is to be discussed in the business meeting.  They can than decide if they want or need to attend the meeting.  If they are unable to attend but have ideas to share, they can contact me or someone else who will be at the meeting so that their ideas can be part of the group discussion.

As for the group discussion,  I suggest that it take place in a "chatroom", whether our own as Buddy has suggested or WBS or some other private chatroom, because this seems to really work for ideas to flow freely and for us to reach consensus quickly. 

Any decision reached in a business meeting can be brought up for review if problems arise by simply putting that item on the agenda for the next business meeting.  The only items discussed and voted on at business "chat" meetings will be those items appearing on an agenda which the entire group has been able to read.

....Of course, we would always have minutes posted to Key members automatically and transcripts from each meeting would be available upon request following the meetings.
This method would seemingly allow God to express himself through our group conscience and keep the "discussion" of business on our group list server to a limited and reasonable amount.' 


2)   ...the group voted to present a ballot before the membership asking two questions:  

'Do you want KEY to be a closed meeting?  If you want KEY to be a closed meeting, so you agree to a welcoming letter to new members stating our group guidelines for participation in KEY, affirming Al-Anon principles of participation, Tradition 3, anonymity and focusing on the solution?' 

3)   The group nominated and elected Elise to chair the committee that would write any welcoming letter for new members.
In other action, the group:
4)   --Voted to develop a homepage for the Key to Harmony group with as much feedback and participation from the entire group as possible.

5)    Voted to place the technical development and maintenance of the site under the Tech Team's responsibility.

6)   --Agreed to seek a volunteer from the KEY membership to serve as Secretary, who would prepare minutes of future meetings using the transcript kept by the Tech Team.

7)   --Nominated and elected Merp to serve as the Chair of Chairs for Topic Meetings, scheduling volunteer meeting chairs on a rotating basis.
8)   --After a disscussion about the relative advantages between two and/or three meetings a week, decided to let the entire membership vote on how many topic meetings a week KEY should have.

...There were no "Nay" votes cast during the meeting."


KEY TO HARMONY Chat Meeting Aug. 8, 1997:  13 members present.
1)   "...MOTION by Margaret, seconded by Merp, Buddy was elected group secretary ( to keep these minutes ) for one year, or until such time as someone else volunteers for the position, whichever is shorter!

2)  In light of the vote by the entire group to have two meetings a week....

3)   The group voted to continue as Merp has begun, with an open topic on Sunday and a Step/Tradition topic on Thursday.

4)   The group also voted to use the short opening Merp has been using. 
5)   and elected Merp to write guidelines for volunteer chairpersons to use for KEY meetings.

6)   Also, the group voted to have one chairperson per week on a rotating basis, who would be responsible for chairing both meetings, or finding a substitute if unable to chair the meetings themselves.
 7)   ...the group voted to adopt the following procedure for subscribing new members:

Those interested in joining the group would first contact members of the greeting committee -- Heidi and Jan -- who would reply with a letter to the new member outlining guidelines for participation in KEY, approved in a previous vote by the membership. If the new member agrees to the guidelines and requests to join the group, greeters would then send a Welcome letter to the new member and notify the Tech Team, who would manually place the member's address on the server.
8)   It was decided to do away with the auto-subscribe method completely.
9)   ...the group decided not to use the GeoCities page, since doing so might be a violation against accepting outside donations, among other issues.
10)  It was also decided that using a homepage with an address that included the name of an Internet Service Provider, such as, could be considered advertisement for or endorsement of that ISP.
11)  ...MOTION by Margaret, seconded by Palmer, the group decided to let the membership vote on whether or not to seek a private Domain name for Key to Harmony, such as, since doing so would bring additional costs

NOTE:  ...the group initially voted to produce a list of those in KEY who are willing to be 'on-line sponsors' and make this list available to the group. 

12)  The group then  voted to rescind the vote and table it until the next meeting, since adequate discussion of the issue was not devoted to it, given the hour.


KEY Motion 10/28/97:
Do you agree that we establish a guideline requesting that KEY Business be kept OFF the regular meeting list service until such time as final guidelines are established for how to handle KEY business.
26 YEA and 3 NAY
KEY Motion 11/5/97:
Do you support the MOTION that we establish an email alias "" to which all ballots on KEY Business votes will be sent; with the messages forwarded to a volunteer member of Key to Harmony, who will be responsible for tallying the votes; and with a copy of those messages sent to volunteer members of the tech team for the sole purpose of technical back up.

14 Yeah  5 Nay
AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 1998
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/1998 07:42:44 AM
KEY Motion 1/5/98:
A MOTION to offer a Digest version of Key to Harmony messages to those who requested it was passed with one dissenting vote.

KEY Motion 2/14/98:
A MOTION to notify the full membership once a month of the activities of the Business Discussion group was passed unanimously.  The business chairperson volunteered to do this.
KEY Motion 3/2/98:
1.  To join OLA's in sending Post Cards to SLC.
2.  To open our meeting June 28 - July 5 and explain to all KEY members what it means to have an open meeting.
3.  Pass the basket for special conttribution earmarked as a gift to the OLA Committee to use as they see fit. MOTION passed unanimously.

KEY Motion 4/9/98:
KEY to participate in the planning for an OLA-IS [Online Al-Anon Information Service].  MOTION carried:  19 YES    1 NO

KEY Motion 4/23/98:
We hold a reserve equal to six months operating expenses and contribute the rest to OLA-IS and WSO equally. Passed with one abstention...

KEY Motion 10/24/98:

After a 6/11/98 MOTION to change Key to Harmony to one topic per week was withdrawn, the Business Committe voted unanimously to send a new Membership Survey to the list. Passed unanimously.

At the close of voting, Saturday December 19, with 13 members voting, the following are the results of our second vote on Agenda Item # 2A, and Agenda Item # 2B:

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item # 2A, the Biz Com by simple majority of 8 in favor, 6 opposed, accept Resolution to use a paragraph from CAL (Conference Approved Literature) to preceed the list of names of those willing to sponsor, as it is made available to the group at large.
For the issue of responding to Agenda Item # 2B, the Biz Com by simple majority of 8 in favor, 6 opposed, accept Resolution to make this Sponsorship List available to Key to Harmony membership at large by posting the List through  (How this list is posted and the frequency will be determined in a later vote.)




For the issue of responding to Agenda Item #1A, The Biz Com by simple majority of 10 in favor, 6 opposed, accept RESOLUTION to use a paragraph in our own words (format and wording to be decided in a future vote by the Biz Com members) giving a general interpretation of our understanding of Al-Anon's guidelines (from CAL) on sponsorship when sending out a sign up sheet to the membership at large, asking for the names of those willing to sponsor.

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item #1A (#2), the Biz Com by simple majority of 15 in favor, 1 opposed, accept RESOLUTION to co-ordinate with Program Chair and hold a scheduled meeting with the topic of Sponsorship, prior to the sponsorship list (when established) being made available to the group at large.

December 14, 1998--RESOLUTION #2A:

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item #2B (#2), the Biz Com by simple majority of 14 in favor, 2 opposed, accept RESOLUTION to establish (through Tech Team) an email alias: with the purpose of forwarding requests and replies to the Sponsor List Co-ordinator/Committee, and as a resource for the Co-ordinator/Committee to maintain the sponsorship list (once it is established).

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item #2B (#3), the Biz Com by simple majority of 16 in favor, 0 opposed, accept RESOLUTION to include the sponsor list (once established) as part of the "Welcome Letter" information going out to all new members joining Key to Harmony.

December 21, 1998--RESOLUTION #2A:

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item #2A, the Biz Com by simple majority of 8 in favor, 6 opposed, accept RESOLUTION to use a paragraph from CAL (Conference Approved Literature) to preceed the list of names of those willing to sponsor, as it is made abailable to the group at large.

December 21, 1998--RESOLUTION #2B:

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item #2B, the Biz Com by simple majority of 8 in favor, 6 opposed, accept RESOLUTION to make this Sposorship List available to Key to Harmony membership at large by posting the List through  (How this list is posted and the frequency will be determined in a later vote.)

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 1999
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/1999 07:44:40 AM
January 9, 1999--RESOLUTION #2A (2):

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item #2A-2, the Biz Com by simple majority of 12 in favor, 0 opposed, accept RESOLUTION to use the format drafted and presented to the Key to Harmony Business Committee to preceed the list of names of those willing to sponsor, as it is made available to the group at large.

January 29, 1999--RESOLUTION Meeting Format:

For the issue of responding to changing the current meeting format to include the Al-Anon Suggested Opening and Closing, the Biz Com by a simple majority of 19 in favor, 0 opposed, accept RESOLUTION to incorporate the Al-Anon Suggested Opening and Closing in its meeting format by having the weekly chairperson post the Suggested Opening with the introduction of their Sunday topic, post the Preamble with the Thursday Step (or Tradition) meeting, and post the Suggested Closing on Saturday.  

February 5, 1999:
There being no further discussion on "passing the basket", and with 8 members participating in discussion and in favor, 0 voicing opposition, the basket will be passed to see if we can collect (through 7th Tradition contributions) the funds necessary to support a chat room on Key.

February 22, 1999:

RESOLUTION 2/99-1 "Gentle Reminder":
For the issue of responding to Discussion on Group Conscience Survey question #13:  Would you favor setting up a volunteer or committee to report these violations to andletthem send on *gentle reminder* to the member?  A volunteer    69 Yes    19 No -- A committee    88 Yes    17 No

the Biz Com by simple majority of 12 in favor, 4 opposed, accept RESOLUTION 2/99-1 to address the needs of the group in responding to violation of the Key to Harmony "Guidelines for Participation" and "Statement of Purpose" by assuming the duties of suggested committee within the Business Committee, rotating duties among willing Business Committee members on a monthly basis, sending out a standardized "gentle reminder" message to the individual member as needed.

** Motion for Open House. Carried.  Dani asked for ideas. thoughts, volunteers for Open House

** Motion for adding 7th Tradition appeal to the letter going to the Key List at the same time as announcing the Chat Room. Carried 

** Motion to open Chat Room on 13th March. Carried

*** To the issue of responding to agenda Item 5/6-1 the Business Committee accepted by a vote of 10 in favour, O opposed to accept the resolution that trusted servants submiit their reports prior to the Business Chat Room meeting.***
***To the issue of accepting the agenda Item 5/6-2 the Business Committee voted 10 in favour, 0 opposed to accept the resolution to change the password of the chat room on a periodic basis.***

***To the issue of responding to Item #5/6-3 the Business committee voted by 11 in favour, 0 opposed to accept the resolution to have Robbin write chat room  guidelines for the "chat Challenged.(the said guidelines to be reviewed by the Business Committe prior to pulication).***

***To the issue of responding to agenda item 5/6-4 the business committte voted 10 in favour, 0 oppposed, 3 abstaining to accept the resolution that the fee of $4.95/month be paid so that the "onelist" business list was free of advertising.***       
NO Motions or Resolutions for August 
 ***To the issue of responding to Agenda Item#8/29-1 the Biz Comm by a vote of 11 in favour, 0 Opposed, 1 Abstaining accept the resolution to open up the Newcomer's Pages to the public (via various search engines).

 ***To the issue of responding to the motion of tabling Agenda Item#8/29-2 the Biz Comm voted 7 in favour, O Opposed, 1 Abstaining  of tabling the item until the October Business Chat meeting, meanwhile having a trial of the separate ONElist for Chat reminders until that time***


Agenda Item 10/6-1    Key Sponsor's List

This item had been thoroughly discussed via e-mail among Business Committee members.  Discussion focused on whether the Business Committee should take a more active role in addressing sponsorship to the members, or leave the Sponsor List as it is, sending it to those requesting the list and leaving the issue of sponsorship between those members involved.

The Chair (Dani) called for a vote, with the following result:

For the issues of responding to agenda item 10/6-1, the Business Committee, with 18 in favor (including proxies), 0 opposed and 1 abstention, resolved to send the sponsor list to those requesting it, leaving sponsorship between the members involved, without further involvement from the Business Committee.

*****A motion was made by Barbara that the volunteerism of Annette and CurtissAnn be accepted.  The motion was seconded by Rosemary.  The voting in favor was unanimous.

 ******Patsy made a motion that was ask the general membership of Key To Harmony for further suggestions on how Key could honor Al-Anon's 50th Anniversary.  The motion was seconded by Robbin.  The voting in favor of this motion was unanimous.

******For the issue of responding to agenda item 10/6-4, donating Forum subscriptions, the Business Committee (with 20 in favor,  0 opposed and 0 abstentions) accept resolution 10/6-4, to donate  Forum subscription (recipient to be determined in future discussion) in an effort to increase our public outreach.

*****For the issue of responding to Agenda item 11/15-1, using the Al-Anon Declaration as the closing prayer for our email topic meetings-with a membership vote of 76 in favor, 7 opposed and 1 abstaining; the Biz Com accepts resolution 11/15-1, changing the closing prayer to the Al-Anon Declaration.

*****With a vote of 7 in favor, 1 abstaining and 0 opposed, the Biz Com accepts the motion to form a committee for the 50 in 2001 project with their suggestions to be forwarded to the Biz Com for consideration.  

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2000
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2000 07:46:39 AM
January 10,  2000 BizCom Meeting in KEYroom ....  Lynne T., Secretary ...

AGENDA ITEM 12/26-2   Term Limits of out Trusted Servants
In preceding e-mail discussion of term limits, The Chair (Dani) posted those most commonly agreed upon, as follows:

Business Chair & Alternate Chair  1 1/2 years
OLA-IS Rep & Alternate  1 1/2 years
Secretary  1 year
CMA (WSO Liaison)  1 1/2 years
Treasurer  2 Years 
Program Chairs  6 months

The Chair called for a vote with the following results:

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 12/26-2, the BizCom with 12 in favor, 0 opposed and 0 abstaining, accepts resolution # 12/26-2 setting our term limits as defined in discussion.

AGENDA ITEM  12/26-3  Donating FORUM Subscriptions
Discussion before the vote revealed support for providing a subscription to the FORUM poster, for new members and for PI/CPC purposes.  The Chair suggested we pass the basket quarterly for Forum Subscriptions and split the funds received between Public Outreach (donating to professionals) and the other half to our members who enter their names for a drawing.  This would provided the F2F equivalent of a literature fund for our own members and also do our part for Public Outreach.

This was put in the form of a motion by BJ and seconded by Rosemary, with the additional provision that first choice of subscriptions goes to the person posting the FORUM articles approved for online reproduction.

For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 12/16-3, the BizCom with 12 in favor, 0 opposed and 0 abstaining, accept resolution 12/26-3, which will result in passing the basket quarterly among the KEY membership for the purpose of collecting funds to go toward the donation of FORUM Subscriptions.  The funds collected will be divided equally between public outreach and our members with first choice going to the person posting the FORUM articles approved for online reproduction.

AGENDA ITEM 12/26-4    Disbanding the Thursday Afternoon Chat Meeting

The Chair pointed out that there are no current chairs for this meeting and no participants.  A motion to disband was made by Buddy and seconded by Andy.

For the issues of responding to Agenda Item 12/26-4, with 11 members in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstaining (and one temporarily unavailable) the Biz Com accepts the motion to disband.

AGENDA ITEM 12/26-5  On-Line Al-Anon workshop at the AA 2000 International Since the needed information was not available and the OLA-IS Rep was not available at the meeting, this Agenda Item was  tabled.

END JAN 10, 2000 MEETING .............


Minutes of the Key To Harmony Business Committee Meeting in the Chat Room on February 12, 2000 , Lynne T., Secretary

Agenda Item 1/14-1 - Request for guidelines regarding the deletion or removal of items from the KEYboard.
 Chair clarified that this vote would be in three parts:

Part 1 - Those in favor of upholding the current Group Conscience regarding the KEYboard; that the KEYboard would be kept as an informal non structured place for members to post.  That items posted on the KEYboard be removed after 30 days, with the exception being those items posted which are date sensitive and no longer relevant.

Part 2 - Those in favor of adding a "disclaimer" to the KEYboard stating that the posts contained on the KEYboard are the personal sharings of KEY members, and not necessarily a reflection of Key to Harmony or Al-Anon philosophy.

Part 3 - Those in favor of amending the Group Conscience, granting the KEYboard administrator autonomy in determining and asking permission from the author(s) to remove posts going against Al-Anon guidelines, philosophy, and traditions.

In discussion prior to the vote, the Chair clarified that a vote in favor of upholding the current GC (Group Conscience)  would require a vote in opposition to amending the GC.  However, the vote to add a disclaimer was a separate issue.

**********For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 1/14-1, Part 1, the Biz Com with a vote of 12 in favor, 1 opposed and 0 abstaining accepts the resolution to leave the Group Conscience as it stands.

**********For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 1/14-1,Part 2, the Biz Com with a vote of 12 in favor, 0 opposed and 1 abstaining accepts the resolution to add a disclaimer to the KEYboard.  As the vote was in favor of maintaining the GC, there was no vote taken to amend the GC.


AGENDA ITEM 1/14-2  Private Chat Statement.  Email discussion of this agenda item suggested that the following proposed "Private Chat Statement" be added to the Chat Web Page.

**********For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 1/14-2, the Biz Com, with a vote of 10 in favor, 3 opposed and 0 abstaining, accept the resolution to add the proposed Private Chat Reminder Statement to the Chat Web Page.


AGENDA ITEM 1/14-3  Naming the Chat Room Contest
Lynne made a motion that we award a $10 gift certificate for CAL to the contest winner.  This motion was seconded by BarbOS.

**********For the issues of responding to Agenda Item 1/14-3, The Biz COme, with a vote of 12 in favor, 1 opposed and 0 abstaining, accept the motion to have a contest among members to name the chat room with a prize of a $10 gift certificate toward CAl being awarded to the winner.

Further clarification was sought as to whether or not Biz Com members could participate in the contest.  It was clarified that Biz Com members were KEY members and could participate, since only the proposed names for the chat room would be voted on, without the Biz Com knowing who suggested the proposed


AGENDA ITEM 1/14 - 4  Participation with OLA-IS
Lynne moved that the item be tabled until the OLA-IS Rep could be present. BJ seconded the motion.

**********With a vote of 10 in favor and 0 opposed, the BizCom voted to table this item.


AGENDA ITEM 1/14 - 5  Worldwide moment of silence on March 4th Sandy made a motion we have a special email meeting on Saturday March 4th and an international Chat Room meeting on the same date in honor of our founder, Lois.  Rosemary seconded the motion.

**********For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 1/14-5, the Biz Com, with a  vote of 11 in favor, 0 opposed and 0 abstaining, accepts the resolution to have a special email topic meeting on Saturday MArch 4th and an international meeting on the same date in the Chat Room.

AGENDA ITEM 1/14 - 6  Rotation of Leadership

Although originally this item called for a member willing to stand for the Biz Com Chair when the current Chair (Dani) steps down in May, 2000, we were advised that several other Biz Com position will soon be open:

- Sandy, our Email Chair, will be stepping down on April 1.  Linda B. has volunteered to fill that position.

- Cheryl, our OLA-IS Alternate Rep has resigned.

- Annette has resigned as PI Coordinator

No one has yet stepped forward to stand for Biz Com Chair.

**********The Chair (Dani) will be posting a list of these positions to the membership and also through the Biz Com List.  In response to the Chair's request for comments, BJ suggested that the current position holders describe their job duties via email and that we post these descriptions to a URL, as a means of providing potential volunteers with a clear picture of what the positions entail. Dani agreed to ask for such descriptions on the next agenda,


AGENDA ITEM 1/14-7  Proposal to post Trusted Servant Reports on the KEYboard.

**********For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 1/14-7, the Biz Com,  with a vote of 10 in favor and 2 opposed, accepts the resolution that the Trusted Servants post their monthly reports to the KEYboard, in addition to posting them through the Biz Com list.

END FEBRUARY 12, 2000 MEETING__________________________________

  MARCH 2000 MINUTES ... Lynne T. Secretary

    Sandy felt term limits for the Tech Team would be no different from the normal rotation of all trusted servants.

    Andy expressed a desire to have us canvass the general membership to see if we do have members who have some knowledge in this area.  In spite of his demanding schedule, Andy expressed his intention of jumping into this and
finding out what he could do to help.  To that end, he moved that we table this discussion until we have some feedback from those who want to volunteer to help and would commit a block of time to do so.

    Buddy seconded the motion.

    The Chair called for a vote and 8 members voted in favor of the motion, 1 opposed and 1 abstaining.

    Dani indicated a need to adjourn the meeting, as there was a motion on the floor to table further discussion which was upheld in a vote.

    AGENDA ITEM 2/18-1 Term Limits for the Technical Team
    The voting was as follows:  9 in favor (6 proxy and 3
    present), 0 opposed, 3 to Table (all by proxy), 3 Abstain (1 proxy and 2 present)

    For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 2/18-1, Term Limits for the Technical Team, the Biz Com ,with a vote of 9 in favor, 0 opposed, 3 to table and 3 abstaining accepts the resolution to institute term limits for the Tech Team.

    AGENDA ITEM 2/18-2 Password Protection for the KEYboard
    For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 2/18-2, Password Protection for the KEYboard, the Biz Com, with a vote of 11 in favor, 4 opposed, accepts the resolution to implement password protection for the KEYboard.

    AGENDA ITEM 2/18-3 Changing the CMA (Current Mailing Address) to that of the Treasurer

    The voting was as follows: 13 in favor (6 by proxy), 2 opposed (both by proxy) and 1 abstaining (by proxy).

March 2000 Meeting Adjourned

April 2000/Andy elected as K2H Business Committee Chair



Low attendance; problems getting in KEYroom:

1. Discussion of having treasurer's books audited.  Leslie has volunteered 
to do the auditing.  
2. Leslie also volunteered to be the KeyBoard Administrator, replacing Andy.
3. It was discussed that another signature is needed for K2H checkbook.  
4. Time of meetings was discussed.
5. It was announced that MaryME and Judy had both not yet received the Forum
subscription they had won.  Andy and BJ agreed to look into it.
6. Discussion was held about giving the BizCom Secretary administrative
privileges for business of logging business meetings.  

JUNE 17, 2000 KEYroom Meeting/Discussion only:  

The Chair recognized that the need for password protection is no longer
needed and proposed that this item be placed on the next meeting agenda.  
BJ informed the Chair that this same question arises in issue with password
protecting the "members only" pages.  
Annette is of the opinion password protection is no longer needed for the
"members only" pages, and that perhaps a warning is sufficient that the pages
can be viewed by others.
Andy proposed we send the previously voted on motions back out to the BizCom
for review. 


JULY Meeting 2000  via email:

Agenda Item 7/15/00-1  Retaining KEYboard.
Patsy made a Motion, seconded by BJ, to table this issue until we see what SparkNet has to say about the bulletin boards.

**Voting results on this motion:  Yes: 21  No: 0  Abstain: 2  The motion carried.  Chair's comment:  Once we find out what Sparknet is doing, we will take this motion up again.

Agenda Item 7/15/00-2  Changing the email meeting format to include the Twelve Concepts.
BJ made a Motion that this Agenda Item be given to the general membership since it requires a Group Conscience to change the meeting format.  There was no second.  This issue is retired but may be brought to the floor at any time by anyone.

Agenda Item 7/15/00-3  One time donation to the Russian Literature Outreach Project.
BJ made a Motion, seconded by Patsy, to split our currently due WSO donation equally with in-half going to WSO, one-half going to the Russian Literature Project.

**Voting results of this motion:  Yes: 21  No: 1  Abstain: 1  The motion carried.

Agenda Item 7/15/00-4  Gentle Reminder Position.
Patsy made a Motion, seconded by Susan, to uphold the past Group Conscience for this position, i.e. volunteers from the BizCom will rotate through this position monthly.

**Voting results of this motion:   Yes:  21    No: 1   Abstain: 1  The motion carried.

Agenda Item 7/15/00-5  BizCom Member Participation.
BJ made a Motion, seconded by Patsy, that members of this committee who have not participated in discussion and/or vote for a continuous 4 month period be put on an inactive list for 3 months.  If the member does not indicate a desire to participate during that 3-month time, the member will be dropped from the role.

**Voting results of this motion:  Yes:  12    No:  9  Abstain:  2  The motion carried.

END OF JULY 2000 Agenda ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

August, September 2000 -- No meetings/No Agenda/No Minutes/No M&R
October 2000 Meeting:
10/12/00    The BizCom meeting was opened at 9:25 p.m. EST
Old Business:   
Agenda Item 7/15/00 - 1  Keeping the KeyBoard
The chair called for a vote on the motion to keep the KeyBoard. Results of the vote are as follows:
Yes - 7 (one proxy vote)   No  -  0   Abstain  -  0  =  Motion carried.
The chair asks to table Agenda Item 7/15/00 - 2    -  Adding Concepts To E-Mail Topic Rotation, explaining that further discussion needs to take place to clairfy the BizCom's position and tie up loose ends.  
Marsha made a motion to send notice to the BizCom members asking for volunteers to serve on the "Concepts Details Committee."  It was seconded by Rosemary.
The chair called for a vote on this matter.  The results are as follows:
Yes  -  7  No  -  0   Abstain  -  0    =     Motion carried
Marsha made a motion to send notice to Biz members asking if they would like to serve in the position of the Alternate BizCom Chair.  It was seconded by Rosemary.  The chair called for a vote on this matter.  The results are as follows:  Yes  -  7    No  -  0    Abstain  -  0    =   Motion carried

No November or December meetings or agenda presented by Chair.
END 2000~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2001
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2001 07:48:52 AM
January Email Meeting (results posted by chair).  Those who voted: 
BJ, Linda, Brenda, Mary T, KarenMB, Robbin, MaryAnn, Patsy, Pete, BarbOS, 
CurtissAnn, Marsha, Cheryl Marie, Sandy, Leslie, & Kate. 

Item 1/01-1 It was moved and seconded that BJ serve another term (18 months) 
as Alternate Business Chair of Key To Harmony. 
Ayes            15     
Nays            0 
Abstains        1 

Item 1/01-3  Inclusion of Concepts in the e-mail meeting rotation 
Marsha moved, and BJ seconded the following:  (1/0-3a) That the Biz   
Chair relate to the membership the null vote status. 
Ayes            15 
Nays            0 
Abstains        1 

Marsha moved, and BJ seconded the following: (1/01-b) That the Biz 
Chair ask that interested Concepters join the current group, but that in June 
the issue will be brought to the membership again for input. 
Ayes            13    
Nays            1 
Abstains        2 

END BALLOT RESULTS `````````````````````` 

Item 1/01-4  Biz Com Meeting Venue for future meetings 
KeyRoom     0 
e-mail      8 
both        6 
abstain     2 
END JANUARY 2001 MEETING -- Agenda Items Outstanding
NO February Meeting/Agenda/M&R

MARCH 2001 BIZCOM MEETING .. Email conducted by BJ, Alt. Chair; Secretary, BarbOS .. with 17 present.

3/01-1 --  Current Mailing Address (CMA)/Post Office Box (POB) becoming static for a trial period to be designated.  

Linda made the amended MOTION, seconded by Robbin:  "I make a motion that this position stay static for a trial period of 2 years beginning with the passage of this vote."

Yeas     ___17_____

Nays     ____0____

Abstains ___0_____

The Yeas have it - Motion carried.

MOTION 3/01-2  Term Limits for Coordinator/Service Positions be Uniform Across the Board.  This includes:  KEYboard, gr, FORUM Posters, Membership/Public Outreach, Sponsorship, KEYroom Meeting, Email Meeting, Archivist.
Pete made the MOTION, seconded by David: "I make a motion that all coordinator/service positions be for a term limit of one (1) year."

Yeas     ____13____

Nays     _____3____

Abstains ____1_____

The Yeas have it - Motion carried.
MOTION 3/01-3  Monthly Reports Posted to the KEYboard per GC of January 2000. (Rescind current GC or not.) 

Karen made the MOTION, seconded by Mary T.: "I make the motion to rescind the GC of January 2000 to post the monthly reports to the Keyboard."

GC to be rescinded:  "AGENDA ITEM 1/14-7  Proposal to post Trusted Servant Reports on the KEYboard.

**********For the issue of responding to Agenda Item 1/14-7, the Biz Com,  with a vote of 10 in favor and 2 opposed, accepts the resolution that the Trusted Servants post their monthly reports to the KEYboard, in addition to posting them through the Biz Com list."

Yeas      ____13_____

Nays      _____1_____

Abstains  ____3_____
The Yeas have it - Motion carried.
==============================End March Meeting===============================  

    The results of the April, 2001 votes are:

    Item 3/01-2a: To establish a designated starting time(s) for terms of the
coordinator service positions listed in 3/01-2.

BJ made a motion, seconded by Pete, that keybiz establish a staggered method
of starting times for all coordinator positions it has as of this date, said
starting times to be February 1 and August 1; decision of which positions will start when to be left to the discretion of the current chair. Further:  Any coordinator positions that may be added will be up to the discretion of the then current chair as to when their term starts according to the staggered dates.
    With 19 votes cast, 16 in favor, 0 against, and 3 abstentions,  item  
3/01-2a is adopted.

    Item 4/01-2: Revisit the Term Limits of Officer/Service Positions with the idea of making them more uniform in both term limits and starting time. This
includes Chair, Alternate Chair, Secretary, Treasurer/CMA, OLA-IS Representative and Alternate.

BJ made a motion, seconded by Sandy, that this Item be returned to committee for more in-depth discussion.
    With 19 votes cast, 14 in favor, 0 against, and 5 Abstentions, item 
4/01-2 is adopted.

    Item 4/01-3: Proposed Membership Outreach Project: To Adopt a Russian AFG.

Kate made a motion, seconded by Sandy, 'that Keybiz formally establish an
outreach project to adopt a Russian AFG.' Method of adoption to be either
links made with assistance of WSO or to contribute financially to production
of Russian Literature through an annual or bi-annual special request for
    With 19 votes cast, 16 in favor, 0 against, and 3 abstentions,  item  
4/01-3 is adopted.

      I hereby declare the Business Meeting of Key to Harmony for the month 
of April, 2001 concluded.  Andy
May 2001 Email Meeting Results:
Meeting conducted by BJ.  Voting members of KeyBiz for May were:  Brenda, Sandy, Kim, Kate, Denise, Mary Ann, Barb, MaryT, Annie, Joyce, David, MaryW, Karen and Cheryl.
Item 4/01-2: Revisit term limits of officers ...

Pete made the Motion, seconded by Sandy:
I would like to make a motion that all officer positions for keytoharmony (BC
Chair, BC Alternate Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, OLA-IS Representative and
OLA-IS Alternate Representative) be for a term of two years with terms
starting January 1, 2002 following elections in October, 2001. Election would
be by a simple majority of Business Committee members at the time of

With 14 members voting, 10 FOR; 2 AGAINST; 2 ABSTAINING, Motion 4/01-2 was
passed by majority vote of KEY Business Committee.

No Summary of June Agenda Discussion posted by Chair.
No Discussion Agenda for July posted by Chair.
================================================================================Date:  Mon Aug 13, 2001  10:46 am
Subject:  Off Topic/Voting Results
To the Members of Key to Harmony Al-Anon Meeting,

The results of the membership vote 'to add the Twelve Concepts to the KEYmail
weekly rotation of meeting topics' failed to pass by a vote of 38 Yea; 18
Nay; 4 Abstain.  This item needed a 2/3s majority to pass.
August Discussion Agenda posted by Alternate Chair, BJ.


September BizCom Agenda Results:  We had 16 people who voted as follows:

1)  Business Chair:  BJ  Nominated by Bea; Seconded by Sandy
YEA __16__  NAY _0___  ABSTAIN _0___
4)  Alternate OLA-IS Representative:  Linda volunteered.
YEA __15__  NAY __0__  ABSTAIN __1__

5)  Secretary:  Linda volunteered.
YEA __15__  NAY __1__  ABSTAIN __0__

6)  Treasurer:  Mary Ann volunteered.
YEA __16__  NAY __0__  ABSTAIN __0__

Congratulations to all!
Respectfully submitted,

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2002 Jan.-June
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 06/31/2002 07:51:31 AM
The Keytoharmony business of January though June of 2002



I respectfully submit the following minutes for the month of January. 

ITEM 1/02-1: Rotation of Coordinator Positions. Those due to rotate include CA as FORUM poster, Pete on the Sponsorship Committee, and MaryT as KEYroomCoordinator. 
CONCLUSION: Pam C. volunteered to replace Pete on the Sponsorship Committee;Annie volunteered to rotate on as a FORUM poster in CA's place. The KEYroomCoordinator's position is still open. MaryT's term is up February 2002.
ITEM 1/02-2: Is the message feature currently used at K2H's web sites in violation of 'archiving' per our agreement with AFG, Inc. 

SUMMARY: There was quite an in depth discussion on this and I want to thank all who took part and really looked into the issue. Several at first thought we are archiving, especially on the main list. After explanations and mucho more discussion the majority of those responding came to say that we are not intentionally archiving for the purposes of combining CAL for future publication, i.e. violation of internationalcopyright laws; and, as a meeting, not attempting to violate the terms of our annual agreement with AFG, Inc.In answer to other questions that I found in the discussions, the moderators cannot delete part of a share in the "Message" feature. The whole share hasto be deleted. Also, to read through daily shares and delete manually, one by one, those shares that contain CAL quotes would be a monumental task for the moderators taking into account 1) peak sharing; 2) life outside the computer screen; and 3) individual computers or database problems. The solution suggested by most members regarding this issue was to set a time limit for shares saved in the "Messages" feature on the main KEY list. (I take it that we will want this to extend to the other KEY lists as well,except for the keybiz list.) The limits suggested were: 1 month; 4-6 weeks: 6months; ... and no time specified but recommended that it be done. As a way to notify the general membership, I propose that we *attempt* to use the "Poll" feature on the main KEY list (general membership) by posting the following: 
The K2H Business Committee has recently discussed in depth whether archiving the shares at our yahoogroups web sites is in violation of our contractual agreement with AFG, Inc., i.e. not to archive shares for the purpose of combining CAL for future publication. A good reminder for all K2H members is: Who you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here and that applies to honoring CAL quotes in an on-line meeting. 
It is the recommendation of the K2H BizCom that shares will be deleted from all KEY lists ... [we need to decide on a specified time to insert here]. Please respond with your vote by ... [specified date to end vote goes in> here]. Those in favor Yea __  Those opposed Nay--
*****************                      Joyce K. has chosen to remain in her present position on the Sponsorship committee.                
*****************                          Para Chat was renewed for a year.     ******************                         We have been given limited permission to quote CAL literature during on line meetings, up to one paragraph, using After each above-mentioned use, the member sharing is to include the following 
acknowledgment:From__, (Page Number) ___ (identify the publication) Copyright19__, by Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Limited use by express written permission of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, 
******************                       The main list at K2H has 803 members currently with 6-8 in various stages of bouncing. keybiz has 31 actual members using 33 addys; the Concepts Study Group has 37 members; techteam - 6; & the KEYroom-reminder list has 167. 
Forum posting was taken care of by Annie.Please let me know if I have left anything out.In Service, Linda
FEBRUARY---AGENDA, POLL AND RESSOLUTION                          

. **It is the Recommendation of the K2H BizCom that email shares be deleted from all KEY lists, with the exception of the business list, every four (4) to six (6) weeks.** This is a group conscience decision so please respond to this automated poll through February 28, 2002. Results will be posted automatically to this group after the poll closing date. Decision will be by simple majority of those voting. Do you favor the recommendation of the BizCom on this issue? 
Choices  Votes  %  35 replies  YEA  29  82.86%   NAY  3  8.57%   ABSTAIN  3  8.57%   
This is a summary of the March discussions that I respectfully submit. If I leave something out please let me know. 
It has been suggested (by Marsha I think) that we have a contest to think of a way to improve idea and useable idea gets a free Forum subscription. 
Mary Ann issued a Tradition 7 appeal due to a decline in contributions. 
Andy G has agreed to be the OLA-Al-Anon Rep for Key. 
Mary Ann informed us Key to Harmony meeting has been granted limited permission to use Al-Anon copyrighted material during its on-line meetings subject to conditions in the letter sent by MA on March 9. 
MA informed the group NetSonic has been paid $241.52 for web hosting services. 
We have been informed that Yahoo groups has changed some of our personal settings and we can make changes to the settings ourselves. Please see email from Christine dated March 30 for directions.            

Love in service, Linda 
The following items were discussed or acted upon in April:
Meg requested an alternate to help with email meetings. Bea thought there should be more than one helper for backup purposes. 
Annie has taken over posting Forum reprints for CA.                                 

Keybiz list: 

The current members of & positions on the BizCom are:
Chair: BJ (+1/02) 
Alt. Chair: Chuck (+1/02) 
Secretary: Linda (+1/02) (1 year) 
Treasurer: MA (+1/02) 
Coordinators: (as of 3/01 vote -- all coordinators have 1 year terms) 
KEYmail Meeting: Meg (+8/01) 
KEYroom Meeting: Mary T. (-2/02) 
KEYboard: Annie (+8/01) 
Outreach: Kate (+8/01) Bea (+8/01) 
SponsorList: Pam C. (+2/03) Joyce (+8/01) Archivist: OPEN 
gr: Sandy (+2/01) 
FORUM Posters: CA (-2/02) Annie (+8/01) Bea 
OLA-IS Representation: Andy 
Alternate: OPEN 
TechTeam: BJ, Sandy, Bea - Moderators; Kim-Webmaster; MA-Webhost Owner, List Owner; KEYmail Coordinator-Meg; Annie-KEYboard Coordinator. MaryT Moderator-in-training. Chuck, Pete 
Kim (webmaster) 

There has been a problem cashing rupees. Mary Ann will keep us posted. 
I respectfully submit these minutes. Please let me know if I missed something. 

In service, 
*************************        MAY---AGENDA SUMMARY BY BJ.  NO M&R
Here are the keybiz minutes for May: 
May discussion agenda summary: 
 ITEM 1/02-1 Rotation of Keyroom Coordinator Position .. need volunteer. 
 1. Three members are unavailable to switch. 
 2. No comment 
 3. Suggestion of recruitment blitz to mail list. 
 4. Are volunteers available to take positions?                                   
5. Daily reminders are a bit much. Isn`t this done within the FAQ Sheet monthly?      
6. Annies`s on line time is limited, Agrees with BJ that service beyond the appointed time is not good.
  ~~ ITEM 5/02-1 FORUM Subscription Give Away. 
 1. Not in favor because it generates work for the BizCom who doesn`t have enough members to carry out the business we do have. 
 2. Four feel it is a good idea, 
 3. Treasurer will pay for the subscriptions. Likes the idea cause it encourages participation. 
 4. Leslie and Annie are willing to help. 
 5. Forum is incentive. That seems okay with Mary Ann who would do the work. Plus it is another way to support the Forum." 
 6. Maybe have to whittle down the ideas to something manageable for the Forum Giveaway. 
 7. Would we have contestants mail to the BizCom and then we would vote? 
 8. The contestant would have to break anonymity by providing their address. (Contest is optional .. that could be pointed out ahead of time.) 
 9. Would the BizCom consolidate all the suggestions and let the general membership vote? 
 10. I think if we brainstorm more it is do able. 
 11. Mary T would be glad to participate if a committee was formed. "I think it`s great for our member to participate and be active in Key with suggestions of how to improve it" 
 ITEM 5/02-2: Back up chairs (subs) for KEYmail Meetings. 
 1. How many are on the back up sheet presently? Need more help? 
 2. Send the format early in the week and ask for confirmation. If not receive in your time frame, go to one of the back ups.  3. Have generic topics and shares in place to use when the chair person is unavailable. 
 4. Suggestion that emergency be put in the header to the back up person`s mail. 
 5. Two liked Mary Ann`s suggestion of having back up topics ready for the sub chairman. 
 6. Having never chaired, I see the meetings exclusively from the other side and I see what is happening is working well. I think with email a lot of people check at different times and don`t necessarily notice a late opening. I may miss the point and that is known to happen.  7. Annie has no ideas. 
 8. Linda available for back up KEYmail chair most of the time. 
Bea has accepted this position. The other question was to add the additional job of Message E-Racer to this position. 
 1. Leslie willing to be the back up. 
 2. Mary T may be interested in another position when she rotates or steps down from a position. 
 3. Some thought adding additional job ok. 
Additional IDEAS & COMMENTS:

Have a workshop for those reluctant to share .. such as newbies .. Question & Answer. 
 BJ: Already on tap with interest to a few: Writing Workshop in the KEYroom. Another suggestion that has come in is to have a Tradition Workshop in the KEYroom. 
On the Agenda Item Discussions, what I need to know at this point is: 
 A) We still do not have a volunteer for the position of KEYroom Coordinator. If MaryT is willing to serve another term, the next rotation of that position will be February 2003. ****We have other positions that will rotate in August of this year. Please rethink your commitment to service at KEY in the coming weeks so that our coordinators can rotate. 
 B) Could I have volunteers to further brainstorm the *FORUM Give Away* 
project & give a report-back to the BizCom by mid-June? (Questions not answered in the agenda discussion will be answered by this ad hoc committee.) 
C) Could we have a consensus to add the job of *Message E-Racer* to the Archivist's job description? 
D) Several suggestions have been made to help Meg, KEYmail Coordinator, with the last minute chair problem. I think she has instituted some of them except for having backup shares on hand. As a coordinator, this would be at her discretion -- if she wants to keep up with shares & the gathering of such. If Meg is willing & you are willing, get together with her. 
E) Is anyone interested in helping to chair the above mentioned workshops? 
Please volunteer now so that we can coordinate with the KEYroom to set these up over the next few weeks. The length of the workshops (days/hours) is up to the chairs. The material used, of course, is CAL with notification to the general membership. 
NETSONIC (An explanation): 

A formmailer is the back end program used to save, sort, email and display the data a visitor to your site might enter into a form that you have on your site. It displays the 'Thank You' page as well as can send various portions of the information to various people to deal with it. It validates the information input by the user because malicious people could enter in programs into forms that have no limit on the maximum number of characters that can be entered into a field, hence breaking into your site and your whole computer system possibly. A counter is used to count the number of visits to you web site, I'm sure we've all seen "you are visitor number 328485 to this site" The count can be broken up by visits to site, visits to individual pages, visits by unique people, visits by country etc. It's useful to many companies to know the volume of traffic there site receives, what pages are visited so they know where to expand their information and who is visiting so they can meet the possible needs of their audience, for example if the company is based in Canada and 90% of the visitor to your site are coming from Quebec, it would be good to make sure your site is both English and French. Alternately if you're selling something and the page that contains the specs on what you think is your most amazing product is getting no visitors then you might want to figure out why. 
It's the Motions and Recommendations from each business meeting that go into a file at the main KEY yahoogroups site. We have an 'archive' already at the keybiz site in the form of all the messages that go through the list.
What is done is go through each set of Minutes and/or the chair's Summaries and Conclusions to find any Motions and Recommendations made by the BC & the names of all BC members who responded to each agenda. I haven't started a 2002 file at the main list but will shortly as a guide for you. 
Bea has begun to put the archives for April and May in the files for both lists. 
Love in Service, 
******************************************  JUNE---NO BUSINESS,NO M&R.  SECRETARY`S REPORT FOLLOWS: 
We didn't really have any business to speak of in June unless I missed it entirely when my computer was down. 
In service, 

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2002 - July-Dec.
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2002 07:53:46 AM
July through December agenda, minutes and M&R

Thanks to these members who responded to the July discussion .. Joyce, Pete, Sandy, Bea, Andy, Leslie, Carol, Kate, Meg, Kim, Linda, Annie, MaryT. 

ITEM 7/02-1: Rotating service positions that need to be filled by August by volunteers from the BizCom: KEYboard Coordinator; Outreach Committee (2 members); 2d person on the Sponsorship Committee; 1 of 3 people on the FORUM Posting Committee; Alternate OLA-IS Representative. COMMENTS: 

1. Joyce is ready to rotate off the Sponsorship Committee. 
2. Leslie Volunteered to be second person on the Sponsorship Committee 
3. Meg would like an alternate. 
4. Pete is willing to be an alternate of Meg's. 
5. Kate volunteered to continue as the Outreach Coordinator. 
6. Bea would like to also continue as Kate`s helper. 
7. Mary is willing to volunteer on the Forum Poster Committee as soon as she rotates off as the Keyroom Coordinator. 
8.. There are three on the Forum Poster Committee until April. 

NOTE from Chair: Thanks to all who volunteered and to those who have served and are rotating off. KEY is what it is because of members like you. I hope this helps current coordinators and encourages others to volunteer. Service is fun. <g>; If anyone has public/professional outreach project suggestions that would be feasible for K2H to attempt, please pass them on via this address, to Kate, Bea or me. 
ITEM 7/02-1A: Backup/trainee volunteers for Coordinator positions. COMMENTS: 
1. Sandy would like to see this happen. 
2. Carol will volunteer when she feels more comfortable. 3 The KEYboard Coordinator deletes KEYboard messages and posts the monthly Forum Calendar of Events by cut/paste. 
4. Joyce has volunteered for the Keyboard Coordinator position. 
5. There are 3 Forum people through April. 
6. Linda is unavailable. 

NOTE from Chair: (See above.) THANKS Joyce. You're a peach!; February & August are coordinator rotation months, not April; all FORUM posters are supposed to get a year's FORUM subscription so turn in the names/addresses you want yours to go to Mary Ann so she can order them .. if you haven't already.) 
ITEM 7/02-2: Current gentle reminder situation -- how do we handle members who block gr committee members addys saying they disagree with KEY's group conscience decisions made in light of the Traditions and Concepts of Al-Anon? 


1. We are powerless to keep folks from blocking the gentle reminders, from having members disagree with and ignore group conscience. 
2. Can the GR kindly suggest there probably are other online groups that would be delighted to have them in their groups?     3 I don`t think it is punitive to ban someone if they are not respectful of the group C. which is based firmly on Al-Anon Concepts and Traditions. 
4. There is a personal choice to delete or block the senders. 
5. Online problems are different than f2f where the individual faces the entire group and can benefit from loving ESH of others. 6 I like Sandy`s idea. 
7. Sandy`s idea of putting them on web status after being gently reminded 3 times (Andy`s idea would be a good combination and appropriate resolution). If a member is reminded once and still violates the group conscience,another reminder could be sent from a different committee member. If they continue, they could be placed on web-only status. 
8. Carol would be happy to have the GR reminder people handle it in the way they feel comfortable. The suggestions thus far have been sound. 
9. I think I agreed w/whomever mentioned the changes in the manner gr`s are sent so that no name appears. 
10. Annie mentioned being in another group where banning became a merry-go-round. 
11. Leslie: I have really appreciated the consistency of this group and the quality with which it is guided. I would hate to see the hostility of a couple of members start to sour the group. What would be done in a f2f group if a couple of people consistently refused to respect the group conscience? Can the group nicely suggest that there are probably other online groups that would be delighted to have them and their "individuality"? I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that there are hundreds of people in Key who DO honor our group conscience and we should honor them by taking care of Key. I don't think it is punitive to ban someone from the group if they are not respectful of our group conscience, which is firmly based on Al-Anon Concepts and Traditions. This is potentially a big issue, I think, and we need to respond to it. 
12. Andy G: Anticipating a request for discussion of this issue, here is my two cent's worth: As I see it, by joining K2H, each new member implicitly agrees to abide by the group's 'rules'. Our gentle reminder guidelines are intended to allow individual _expression about the given topics, or "OFF TOPIC" about any Al-Anon related issues. Beyond that, if people need to express themselves, they may do so to individuals in the group, rather than the group as a whole. Those who choose not to abide by these guidelines have that prerogative. The group, in turn, has the choice of removing/banning those who consistently choose to disregard the decisions of the group. Blocking an address isn't the issue. Disrespecting the members of the group is. I would suggest the three-strikes-and-you're-out rule for those who insist on violating the group conscience, whether they block the gr address from reaching them or not. The final message to these individuals would not come from the gr, but from the biz com., unless that address is blocked from reaching them, in which case the removal/ban would come without advance notice.                                  

NOTE from Chair: I reprinted Leslie & Andy's replies because both contain some very good points drawn from the whole discussion. It is my hope that this has been helpful to the gr volunteers. That is, without a doubt, one of the toughest service positions in any on-line meeting & it takes using most or all of our program principles at one time or another. KEY is fortunate to have some really dedicated & gentle reminder people on board. Many thanks to Sandy & her helpers .. aka: the
'gremlins of K2H'. 
AGENDA CONCLUSION: There is nothing for vote from this agenda discussion. 
(((It would be nice to have MORE 
volunteers/coordinators-in-training for all positions. Please don't hesitate.))) 
Thanks to those coordinators & officers who continue to make their monthly reports & mailings on time. A big thanks to Bea who tracks discussions forme, aka: The Head Tracker .. you can volunteer to help her too. <g> 

If anyone has AnYThiNg for August Discussion Agenda, please send it to me at or Surely things can't be running this smoothly. LOL But, if it is, that's ok too. However, my mailboxes do get lonely ... Hugs, BJ K2H Business Chair 

This has been a very quiet month for minutes...we have had 3 forum postings and no voting for anything. We have been asked to give agenda items to BJ. If I have miss somethng please let me know. 

In service, Linda 

ITEM 9/02-A SUGGESTIONS FOR GETTING KEYroom Chairs: Ask regular attendees to commit to chair for short terms -- 6 weeks; Andy is available to teach copy/paste; delete the pre-written opening if it takes up too much time; choose the topic at meeting time; send appeal for chairs through the keyroom-reminder list; request from general membership for chairs; it's the responsibility of those attending to volunteer to chair. 

BJ NOTE of Explanation: Appeals for volunteer chairs are already sent to the keyroom-reminder and general membership lists monthly via KEYroom Coordinator Reports, BC Chair Report, 'How to Chair' file, Monthly Update, & is included in the FAQ that each K2h member has access to. The KEYroom Coordinator (or any of the moderators) can post a sign-up to chair notice on the reminder list that can be sent automatically at designated times of each month. 

ITEM 9/02 B. IS THERE INTEREST from members of the BC to do the monthly chairing of the Concept/Service Manual Study Group? 

Two or three are interested in chairing; Kate is available to chair after 10/7/02; Karen will chair; a Service Manual is necessary and costs $4 USD; Paths to Revcovery costs $15 USD; suggestion was made to occasionally ask questions from the SMs as discussion; the format is laid back & not pressured; two want to participate before chairing. 

BJ NOTE of Explanation: This type of group format is one where members can ask some of *those questions* about Al-Anon and how it works that 'many want to ask but are afraid to'. <g> Having the accompanying CAL benefits the discussion & encourages newer members to find information on their own. 

ITEM 9/02-2 OPEN SERVICE POSITIONS: Alternate Business Committee Chair, KEYroom Coordinator, Alternate OLA-IS Representative in-training for all coordinator/officer positions are vacant except for KEYmail Coordinator. 

Sandy volunteered to fill out the rest of the Alt. Biz-chair term; MaryT will take another position when she steps down as KEYroom Coordinator; Annie volunteered to be Alternate OLA-IS Representative; BJ 

NOTE: In answer to MA's question about the circumstances of OLA-IS, it is still on-line & has some on-line meetings listed but the business group,itself, is not doing anything currently.                   

SUGGESTIONS FOR DELETING, COMBINING POSITIONS: It was suggested that one person can do the Sponsorship Committee, which is true, but Pete reminded us that our purpose is to get others involved in service and to provide back-up for those already serving; make appeals to general membership for BizCom members who are willing to serve. 

Actually, I suggest that we eliminate the 'Archivist' position from this committee as that job is now done technically via the message & file features of this list. Bea, who holds that position now, is on the tech-team and haS assumed other duties & a couple more titles. <g> Our 'archives' no longer need to be sent manually to new BizCom members. This will need general consensus or, if there are strong feelings about it, a Motion, second & vote. 

ITEM 9/02-3: TO HOLD K2H Q&A/FYI Workshops in the form of an Open House in the KEYroom. (Could be more than one session set at various times, depending on volunteers.) 

Sandy, Andy, MaryT, Kate, MA, BJ, are all willing to participate, which probably means they are willing to chair too. LOL 

Andy noted that Tuesday and Thursday night slots are open; members with webtv will have to use library or friend's computers in order to participate; suggested formats included: Open House, Open Forum (not the magazine <g>), Drop-In, Q&A Sessions, Ask It Basket, Beginners, WSC Summary Workshop, What You Always Wanted to Know About Al-Anon But Were Afraid To Ask; capacity for the KEYroom is 50 members at one time; the question and answer sessions could be done in the keyroom or we could figure out a way to have it for a topic. 


Maybe when we have a newcomer in the room (KEYroom?) we could simply have a beginner`s meeting right then. 

When I am chairing and there is a newcomer, I often have A Beginners meeting. 

A Beginners Format was used by the Former Chair and BJ in the keyroom. It took about 8 weeks to present with two or three chairs who needed to be familiar with all the CAL which includes the Traditions. 

Mary T thinks we could use a Beginner`s Meeting. We have discussed this before and so far there haven`t been enough volunteers. There could be a topic meeting "Newcomers" when they pop in or maybe we could try the Tuesday Topic meeting as an "Easy Chat where newcomers could ask questions. 

I think we could provide a service to the newcomers by considering having a Beginner`s Meeting again. 

BJ NOTE of Explanation: Anything we do like this takes volunteers & chairs to plan & facilitate it (and Andy's warm body to just show up). All such meetings are open to the general membership and will be announced to it several times prior to the meetings. Let's not forget that there is time and there are people who have computer time other than nights who can benefit from these meetings too. I don't have my Wombat Time Translator handy so you all figure out times around the world. <g> 

SUMMARY OF THE SUMMARY: There are some good suggestions for volunteer chairs. Make use of them & encourage others. Also, try panel chairing, or co-chairs. It's up to the autonomy of the group within the guidelines we have .. which are quite liberal & flexible. Please remember that for various & sundry technical, geographical & financial reasons, not every member of K2H can access the KEYroom so those members are excluded from that kind of meeting. I would like to have the 'archivist' position removed from this committee for now as there isn't anything for that position to do. It can always be revived if a need arises. 

Let's give it a go at trying the extra KEYroom meetings .. whatever you want to call them, the format used, etc. You all give me some times & dates that you are available, any particular resources you want to use (CAL) and we will go from there. (I'm not available Tuesday nights -- that's my home group meeting & I won't give that up.) I personally can't commit to a series of Beginners Meetings at this time due to the serious illness and coming surgery of my mother. I can & will commit at a later date. Those of you who are interested, when you get copies of the G-2 Beginners Guidelines, read up some in your Service Manuals, let me know & we'll work on plans for the meetings. I can't impress on you all enough that Beginners Meetings should be 'guided', using a format of some kind .. which is different from using 'newcomers' as a topic in a meeting. Please continue to process your thoughts about this service for the membership through this list, among yourselves, or with me. It is a great experience! Let's make it happen. *THANK YOU* TO ALL WHO HAVE VOLUNTEERED, WHO HAVE SERVED & STEPPED DOWN, & TO THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERING VOLUNTEERING. PARTICIPATION IS THE KEY TO HARMONY 

  ... Concept 4. 

* How do we get the message out that service is part of recovery? 
* How do we emphasize the point that you only receive from Al-Anon what you give away -- that Al-Anon is not a self-help program, but a program of helping others? 

* How anonymous do members really need to be? Do we over estimate our own or the alcoholic's importance as an excuse to keep out of service work? 

* How do we impart the importance of business meetings as part of a meeting,needing all members to participate rather than have it be a separate activity with little or no participation or a few speaking for many? 

* What can we do to develop "trusted leader" skills in each of our meetings,encouraging the service, and ensuring that leaders can run effective meetings for the good of Al-Anon, as opposed to personal or group agendas? 

In service, Linda 

Not much business at this time. 
Discussion for September and October centered around obtaining chairs for both KEYmail and KEYroom meetings, in addition to filling service positions here at KEY. ALL volunteers for service positions are more than welcome and will become members of the BizCom as this is a 'working' committee. 

KEYroom needs chairs for its meetings. Chairing meetings is the responsibility of the members so, if you would like to chair a particular meeting in the KEYroom, Contact the KEYroom Coordinator, MaryT, either at the KEY Mailbox, through the KEYroom-reminder list, or just volunteer when attending the meeting of your choice. MaryT will be glad to explain any and all to you about what it takes to chair, beginning with 'willingness'. *g* It's almost the same for volunteer chairs of our KEYmail meetings.                     

Contact the KEYmail Coordinator, Pete, through the KEY Mailbox and he will send you the format and discuss topic choices with you if necessary. February 2003 several service positions on the KEY BizCom will rotate and volunteers are needed to fill those positions. Rotation in service is one of the necessities to having healthy meetings. Among those positions coming open are: KEYroom Coordinator, FORUM Poster, Secretary, Sponsorship Committee. 

The most revealing item for discussion brought to the BizCom was a desire for some "special meetings", most likely to take place in the KEYroom. However, with willing KEYmail chairs, some of the suggested topics could be used for our weekly email topic meeting. 

The suggestions included: a KEYroom Open House/Drop-In; Beginners Meeting 6 Week Session; Question and Answer Session(s); "All You Ever Wanted To Know About Al-Anon But Were Afraid To Ask; specific Conference Approved Literature; workshop(s) from our World Conference 

Summary; an Open Forum Meeting, and, of course, Service Workshops -- On-Line and face to face both covered. In order to make these kinds of special interest meetings happen, we need volunteers. So this is your chance to do just that .. volunteer to help and we will work out the details of when & where together. If there is little or no response, no meetings will be scheduled. Members of the Business Committee discussed this topic thoroughly but the final choice is up to the membership to make it happen. Our voluntary donations keep the KEYroom on-line for our use 24/7 and this is one way to utilize what the membership provides us. 

Respectfully submitted, Love in the program Linda 

Keyboard Coordinator report given.  

Respectfully submitted,


BJ posted Key resources:

In Service, Linda
Please let me know if I missed anything

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2003
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2003 07:56:04 AM
Our business for the year 2003 will take place here soon.

Discussions were on Spam, Poster rotation in February,coordinator reports and the search engine.   

******************************************* FEBRUARY-AGENDA PRESENTED BY BJ NO M&R

The only agenda items for this month are as follows:

ITEM 02/03-1 Gloria volunteered to become a FORUM poster to replace the one
who is rotating off this month. Thanks Gloria. I hope the other posters
have gotten in touch with you so you can find out the times of your posting.

ITEM 02/03-2 The KEYroom is currently operating without a coordinator. Is
there a volunteer at this time to take the position of KEYroom Coordinator?
TNo coordinator means calendars won't be changed; meetings that need scheduling, unscheduling and rescheduling will not happen; questions from members about KEYroom meetings will go unanswered; there will be no pleas made via the main list for additional chairs for these meetings, etc. 
MaryT held this position longer than her elected term because of no volunteers stepping forward previously. This position is necessary to the smooth running of KEY's KEYroom meetings. Please volunteer. I hate to think what the alternative might be should we not get another coordinator.
In service,
K2H Chair
MARCH---Agenda, No M&R

The KEY BizCom spent last month's agenda discussing the various service positions at K2H along with the job descriptions and terms of service involved. Service positions are filled from within this business committee. 
April ----Agenda, No M&R

Discussion was centered around the Renewal Warning and a password change
May------Agenda  No M&R
In depth discussion on the keyroom attendance.  A trial KeyBiz poll was done. The Renewal notice for Key was discussed and a 5 year renewal was the choice.
June----Agenda  No M&R

Further discussion about the keyroom set in motion the poll sent to the membership. Spontanious meetings were sugguested and started by Joyce.  The poll gave us some insights and here is the poll and the results.

~~ Out of necessity, all questions in this type poll feature are "yes and no"
~~ Results are totaled automatically and may be viewed at the web site. 
~~ You must have access to web sites to participate in
features offered by K2H through
~~ Please check the box for "yes"; leave the box unchecked for "no": 
1) Are you aware that K2H maintains a chat room called the KEYroom for the 
exclusive use of its members? 
2) Are you aware of the KEYroom-reminder list that sends reminders of 
scheduled meetings in the KEYroom? 
3) Do you have problems accessing the KEYroom? 
4) Are the current meeting hours and days convenient for you? 
5) Are the KEYroom topics of use in your recovery? 
6) Do you prefer KEYroom meetings to KEYmail meetings ? 
7) Are you be willing to chair KEYroom meetings? 
8) Are you familiar with Al-Anon's pamphlet "Al-Anon Spoken Here" used at 

Please answer if these are important to you. Outside US/Canadian Time Zones:
9) If you do not live on the North American continent, do you know the 
time of the KEYroom meetings in your time zone? 
10) Do these times suit you?
11) Do you know if there is an evening meeting in your time zone?
12) Are you willing to chair such a meeting? 

CHOICES AND RESULTS ~~ 197 participating
- 1., 39 votes, 19.80% 
- 2., 36 votes, 18.27% 
- 3., 15 votes, 7.61% 
- 4., 18 votes, 9.14% 
- 5., 27 votes, 13.71% 
- 6., 7 votes, 3.55% 
- 7., 9 votes, 4.57% 
- 8., 28 votes, 14.21% 
- 9., 6 votes, 3.05% 
- 10., 3 votes, 1.52% 
- 11., 6 votes, 3.05% 
- 12., 3 votes, 1.52% 

Hi Bizzers,
From the results, you can get an idea what members who took part in the poll
know, don't know, prefer, don't prefer, need help with, etc. RE: Question #3, the tech team has already been in touch with the people who answered and we are awaiting their replies. So far, at least 3 of these
members have been helped to gain access to the KEYroom and one is not Java capable. Also, from the results, the KEYroom Coordinator can take addresses of those who said they would chair and contact those members.As for the meeting times, that is up to the members who use the KEYroom to figure out when a meeting is initiated. Maybe some time changes are in order, particularly for meetings originating from outside the US/Canadian time zones and for other meetings to be compatible for those members. Carol can use these poll results in her monthly reports to the general membership and ask for feedback and input. I will post a follow up to this polling and ask, one more time, for feedback in the form of questions, suggestions, comments related to the poll. The email addy used for this is the KEY MailBox which the moderators receive. Any and all feedback will be forwarded to this committee for your perusal and input. So far, at first plea, nothing has come in. Keep in mind that KEY has well over 600 members on the main email list.
In service,

There was one person who questioned that the anonymity might have been breached when the voting members addresses were posted. There was an in depth discussion along with the consensus we were not in breach. BJ wrote the individual.  
July Agenda presented by BJ.  No M&R

Those who responded to the Discussion Agenda BJ presented: Gloria, Zen, Bea,
Sandy, KarenF, Annie, Kate, Leslie, Kim, Joyce, MaryT, Andy, Jennie G., Linda
J., MA, Pam. 

ITEM 7/03-1: BizCom Service Positions; all coordinator positions are one year terms. 
A) At this time, the KEYmail Coordinator needs to be filled: Annie has
B) The FORUM poster positions need volunteers rotating on to give one or two
of the current posters a well deserved rest so they may rotate off: Zen is
prepared to rotate in. Thanks Zen! 
C) KEYboard Coordinator position: Joyce has graciously committed for another year term. Mary T and Jennie G. volunteered to train for this coordinator position. 
D) An assistant KEYroom Coordinator position is open to train under the
present Coordinator and help with those varied duties:There were no volunteers  

ITEM 7/03-2: Post Office Box (snail mail) .. making the current post office
box the permanent official mail receiver for K2H. There was overwhelming concensus of respondees to make the K2H post office
box address permanent. 

ITEM 7/03-3: Re-establishment of the vote@.. addy for voting and group
conscience purposes.
Thanks to all who volunteered to count votes when we have one. That will
help. Voting results will come to the BizCom.

ITEM 7/03-4: Establishment of another meeting for study of Paths to Recovery

Anjag proposed this item and has since withdrawn her suggestion. Issue

ITEM 7/03-5: KEYroom Survey Results.
Comments: The survey was very helpful. We helped some and there are some
new members; proved informational; it helped solve some problems for those
who were having trouble.

7/03-6: RSS and Service Events or Projects Around the Al-Anon World.conference. 

Mary T, Pam, Linda J and Karen F shared their information. Karen F will keep us infommed on November`s and next years gathering since she is registration chair of Area 82 next year`s RRSS meeting. 
AUGUST-- No agenda or M&R
Discussion centered around: business reports from the coordinators and a note from BJ about some changes at yahoo
SEPTEMBER-- No agenda or M&R
OCTOBER--no agenda or M&R

There were committee reports given and 
BJ asked us to confirm our email addresses.
NOVEMBER--There was an informal discussion about sharing.  No M&R
December--Agenda 12/03-1 presented by BJ No M&R 

To sum up ...
Discussion Agenda Item 12/03-1: Revision of KEYroom-reminder reminders to
include more accurate time zones for foreign country members of KEY.

BJ: Many good suggestions have been made that can be used to revise/update
the reminders sent to K2H members via the reminder list, coordinator reports
and informational emails. Thanks for the input and discussion.

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2004
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2004 07:58:18 AM
1.04 DISCUSSION AGENDA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

AGENDA ITEM  01/04-1: Is it possible to have a link to our Keyboard on our
homepage? Or is this only available when you first join? (submitted by MA)

SUMMARY:  The KEYboard is not password protected and is provided as a service to the membership through the voluntary contributions of the membership.  Posting the link on our Internet web site would open it to anyone who wanted to post creating a situation not Al-Anon.  The KEYboard link is included in the tag of each share through the listserv and in informational emails sent periodically to the membership.  It is suggested members bookmark the site for use.  

AGENDA ITEM 01/04-2: I notice we have the line "please don't send cash" in
our welcome on the homepage. Since several members do send cash and its no
problem I'm wondering if we could have that line removed or do we want to
discourage this. (submitted by MA) 

SUMMARY:  It was pointed out that sending cash is an anonymous way, maybe the only way, for some members to contribute.  The disclaimer can be changed to financial info that K2H cannot be responsible for cash sent.  The trustworthiness of our current treasurer was reaffirmed by BizCom members.

AGENDA ITEM 01/04-3:  Wording in 7th Tradition trailers re rupees and $100
USD in particular.  (submitted by Enver)

SUMMARY:  The trailer was changed to read "soft currencies" instead.  All typos and spelling errors pointed out by Enver were corrected.  

2.04 DISCUSSION AGENDA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Committee MEMBERS who participated:  Kate, Leslie, Zen, LindaJ, Sandy, KarenF, Enver, Annie, Andy, Bea, MA, Gloria, Joyce and KarenG.  BJ presiding.

ITEM 2-04-1:  I respectfully ask that each of you, at your convenience, refer
to the written contract K2H has with AFG, Inc. regarding permission to quote
copyrighted material in archival situations.  If there is any input on this
topic, the floor is open for discussion.

Summary:  While this issue is about proper use of the credit line for CAL per
our contract with AFG, Inc., it is also about archiving copyrighted
publications.  K2H has two places that could be termed 'archives' .. 1) past
shares on our listserv and 2) the KEYboard.  A past GC of the membership
reinforced by a more recent GC apply to both situations in that shares are
deleted on a periodic basis with no more than a 4-5 week's worth of shares
kept for members to read on the web site/KEYboard.  This seems to be working

As for use of the credit line per CAL, that is part of our contract to be
able to use any CAL at all.  We lead best by example.  That example is given
to members via several informational emails and by those who use it in their
sharing.  The gentlest of gentle reminders is also used when necessary.    

ITEM 2-04-2:  Also, I am putting forward a suggestion from KEY members who
would like this BizCom revisit our gentle reminder Motion(s) with the
possibility of updating it to include more strident measures for KEYmail
sharing in particular.  (You will find that information in earlier Past
Minutes of this committee posted on the web site.  Please refer to them. 
Whoever finds them first, please post it/them en toto here .. if our
secretary doesn't have them readily available.)

SUMMARY:  This subject was covered in detail.  It appears that an informal
vote of confidence for this established practice to continue as is was given
by a clear majority of members who responded.  

The floor is now closed to these discussions.  

3.04 Discussion included cleaning up the KEYroom and whether the password was a problem going through the KEYroom-reminder list.  (Andy`s request) Backups for the Forum and KEYboard.

Checking to see that the reminders of meeting are the same on both lists, checking in with the KEYroom coordinator, volunteers removing topics as the reminders are set automatically by the coordinator, checking to see that only members are using the KEYroom are ways to clean up the KEYroom and changing the password on the automatic reminder.  

The password going through the KEYroom list is not a problem.  It was suggested that the password be changed.

Sally volunteered to be a Forum backup.  Mary T and Linda J backups for the KEYboard.  They will be in training.

BJ changed the password.  End of discussion.

4.04 There was a thorough discussion and resolution this month.
Bizzers, would you like to have a discussion of the Board of Trustees
resolution regarding Alateen/Alateen Sponsor Guidelines for Safety and

Please respond with a yea or nay.

In service,

The voting results:
With 15 out of 25 members voting with a vote of 12 nay and 3 yea, the BizCom
will not discuss the Alateen Safety and Behavior guidelines resolution in
this forum.

HOWEVER, the Concept Study group is currently voting to discuss or not
discuss this vital issue in that forum if any of you want to join. Some
background information has already been posted to the list for perusal (and
placed in files at the web site) in the event we do discuss (looks like a go
at this point). Voting ends there Monday and several new members have

In service,






July 2004

We have a consensus of this Business Committee to continue with the Prudent
Reserve of K2H the way our treasurer is currently doing it. Mary Ann will
certainly let us know if changes need to be made but, meanwhile, she has a
vote of confidence from this BizCom to carry on. Thank all of you who
K2H Business Chair

August 2004   Agenda Filling Coordinator Positions

Our next issue of business is to fill coordinator positions on this Business Committee. So far, we've had2 (two) volunteers for two specific positions.. Andy
for the KEYboard and Karen F. for gr Coordinator.There are still 5 other positions that need filling. In addition to that, the Sponsorship Committee
requires two (2) members at least and experience has shown that we should have as many as 3 (three) members rotating postings on the FORUM Posting Committee.
Our KEYroom Coordinator, KEYmail Coordinator, ArchiveCoordinator,Sponsorship Committee and FORUM PosterCommittee positions still need to befilled with
volunteers from within this BizCom.  

Linda J will be on the sponsorship list and Joyce one of the Forum Poster people

Our Keymail Coooordinator Position is filled by Steve.I will volunteer to serve as KEYmail coordinator, if that position is still available. Of course, I will


 I would like to propose some changes to the KeyRoom coordinators position.  On Sunday, Monday & Tuesdays we have chair positions filled, excellent meetings and
many newcomers.  The rest of the week our core group tries to be there as much as we can.  These "real time" meetings have helped countless members. Our
wonderful coordinator asks for chairpersons but doesn't get much response.  I would like to see 2 or 3 people act as helpers to the coordinator who would
work together and get commitments to chair meetings similar to the email part.  Where members would volunteer to take one week,one month, whatever a person feels they can do.  The coordinator/helpers would keep track and notify members when its their turn.I know this is a lot of work. There is a real need to
fill the other nights so we don't let newcomers fall through the cracks.


Thank you very much for volunteering, Joyce.  Gloria can add you to the FORUM Poster Committee and you all can figure out your posting times.  

And thank you also, Linda J. for volunteering. Sponsorship is very important and I know Leslie will be a big help to you in that position. Let's see Wolfie, Andy and Karen F have already been thanked for volunteering. Archives and KEYroom Coordinator positions still need to be filled.  More than one can serve as co-coordinators if that is necessary to get the job done.  Any twinkies out there?  

Also, comments please on MA's suggestions for the KEYroom Coordinator position?  

Bea has volunteered for another year as Archivist. Carol for another year as KeyRoom Coordinator.  Sally will be the new Forum Poster Coordinator.  Joyce is usually available to fill in at the last minute.

I'm happy to continue to be Keyroom coordinator. I like Mary Ann's idea about having a few people looking after the position. I'm notable to get to the meetings very often.I'd like to put out a call to current Keyroom chairs and regular members so that I can update the reminders and delete meetings that are not `happening' at the moment.I can also then ask for more volunteers to chair and explain again that new meetings can be started whenever there's a willingness to be there. Even though I can't make many, I am always so glad to know there are Keyroom meetings happening.
Love in service


I, too, like MA's suggestion of having different ones to help the KEYroom Coordinator keep up with the progress/non-progress of each of the KEYroom
meetings.  My suggestion would be to use the reminder list and ask for a couple of volunteers from eachmeeting to report on what that meeting is doing or not
doing.  For those meetings that are not well attended,it may take making a concerted effort on the parts of those who attend KEYroom meetings to check them outand report to the KEYroom Coordinator.  Believe me, the KEYroom Coordinator position is one of the busiest and I would hope that a couple of members of this business committee would volunteer to be back ups for the Coordinator and help share some of the duties.  What we need are willing bodies with working fingers to figure time zones and update calendar information. 
This needs to be coordinated through the KEYroom Coordinator so that person can report to the BizCom what is going onwith the KEYroom meetings.  Not all of
us attend KEYroom meetings.

The actual updating of calendars and time zones willhave to be done by a BizCom member cleared to use the tech side of the listservs and will communicate with
the KEYroom Coordinator and the TechTeam both.   

If anyone wants to volunteer as a K2H back up moderator and you have a working knowledge of computers and listservs, you can train on the TechTeam list site but, whatever elseis done on that site, you must promise not to disturbour dear, sweet K2H wombat.  He sleeps a lot and 
tendsto pull all-nighters.  <g>

In service,

Leslie will be a back up moderator

Those who will help with the keyroom are:

Mary T
September 2004 Late September Bisness
After attending the chair training session Gloria and Karen held in the
KEYroom a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to several that we, this BizCom,
could compile a list of helpful suggestions .. KEYroom User-friendly Tips, if
you will .. to be posted on the KEYroom-reminder site and also sent through
that list periodically.

So my plea now is ... anyone who has tips you've learned through experience
using the KEYroom, please think them through and jot them down. (In my
experience, I have found it is better to keep such 'tips' short, sweet,
easily readable and understandable. I know all too well the trouble I had
learning and, now, relearning.)

The goal is to come up with a tip sheet that helps others who may be
unfamiliar or uncomfortable with real time meetings that will encourage them
to use the KEYroom.

Let's brainstorm!! Post your tips here and we'll go over them.

In service,


Technical support explaned by Kim.  See 3252

Discussion found in KeyBiz messages 3267-3275.  Chuck and Mary Ann crafted a note that was sent to the general membership minus the password
Is there any comment on the form letter MA recently posted from Barbara
O. at WSO concerning phone calls and letters of complaint staff there
has received about some OL meetings incurring problems? If anyone on
this BizCom is on the OLA-IS email list, then you know that that group
is talking about the letter. I'm on their list as an observer only. I
believe Andy is still our OLA-IS rep but that group has been inactive
for so long, nothing has been said about it for ages.

Also, it is time to think seriously of nominations for BizCom officers:
Chair, Alternate Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, OLA-IS representative
and alternate.

Quite frankly, with the way our business meetings have been conducted
over the last couple of years and archived on the BC listserv, I have
doubts about needing a full time secretary position except when we have
a meeting in the KEYroom if that option ever presents itself again.

Any suggestions or discussion about changes to officer's duties would
be appreciated and the floor is open for that to take place at this

Once that is handled, we can proceed with nominations for officer
positions which come from within this committee so get your volunteer
or nomination hats on and be thinking about it. ;-)

In service,


Comments were favorable for our group and the individual responses can be seen at the KeyBiz site.  Messages 3284-3295    No nominations--MA is willing to stay on as our treasurer if there are no others who would want that job.


AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2005
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2005 07:59:34 AM

1.  It is time to think seriously of nominations for BizCom officers: Chair,
Alternate Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, OLA-IS representative and alternate.

2.For the matter of MOTION 2005-1-13: 

I make a motion that the proposal by Jeffred Roth die within this
committee. (see attached email below) As Trusted Servants of KEY, we
have the autonomy to make these decisions.  by Sandy Alt. BC/Seconded
by Wolfie

There were 15 votes FOR (9 sent through the BC, 6 to BJ's addy); none
AGAINST; no ABSTENTIONS; 9 members did not vote.



Redoing the main Web page and restoring the keyboard.  Kim spent a lot of hours preparing 3 choices.  The third choice, alignment left was the favorite.  It is: Image in the title aligned left. Kim and BJ got the keyboard running with Net Sonic`s Help.
Clarification from BJ

I think an explanation is necessary here. It was by vote of this
committee some years back that keybiz offer a one-time one-year
subscription to new FORUM posters as they rotated onto the posting
committee. I assume most accept that offer.
APRIL 2005 No Motions or resoltions.

There was discussion about our down keyboard through the month. Kim got it restored early May. meeting.

MAY 2005 NO M&R  Discussions as follows.

1.  Keyboard is down.
2.  Web Page is up and running at the main site.
3.  Kim has located all the old files.  They can be seen at post 3493
4.  The files need to be weeded out and all be checked.
5.  Our  keymail coordinator left due to surgery and Joni took over
JUNE  2005 NO M&R

1.  Correction    The keyboard is running
2.  Concern over low attendance in the keyroom. The July agenda will discuss.

7-05-1 Item for Discussion: Strategies to increase KEYroom attendance, i.e.
having a 'learn how to chair' meeting.

1. Joyce passes on this one...unable to participate in Keyroom at this time.
2 I'm stuck on this one as I  don't get to any of the meetings because of schedule conflicts.  Do  we have a meeting scheduled for during the day on the weekends? 
That may be more helpful to others as  well as myself.
3. CurtissAnn cannot take on chairing in the Keyroom at this time, however, I would be willing to do a single 'learn how t know. I haven't been able to attend a KeyRoom meeting in a long time. (Pam)
5.***I think sending out a periodic letter to the big group about the KEYroom would be a good idea.  It could be similar to what we do with Sponsorship -
gentle solicitation! (Leslie)
6.  I wish I had some fresh ideas to pick up attendance in the KeyRoom but I do not. I used them all when I was the KeyRoom Coordinator and didn't get many results back then!  

7-05-2 Item for Discussion: Coordinator positions are open for rotation to
take office in August 2005.

  1.Joyce is  willing to continue with posting Forum articles - cannot coordinate at this time.
  2. Joni is willing to stay on as keymail Coordinator.
  3. CurtissAnn wishes to know:  Is this Coordinator for the weekly meetings? Can someone explain 
fully, please.
  4. Pam  didn't see a list of Coordinator positions open -- are ALL of them open? As for me, I will have to think carefully as to whether I can offer to 
fill one of the open positions.
5.***I heartily recommend the Sponsorship Coordinator position!  Linda and Joni are part of this committee too, and it's been a wonderful experience
6.  Mary T`s input  I'm willing to help post 
Forums or work on the Sposorship List or maybe the Public/ Professional Outreach. 
7.  Sally will join the Forum Committee
8.  I see that Joni wants to rotate off sponsor.  I think I could take that on, even though I'm not totally sure of all that entails.  Sally

7-05-3 Item for Discussion: Officer positions are open for rotation to take
office in January 2006.
1.Joyce is not willing to hold office at this time.
2.Joni needs to make and take the time to become more familiar with this area 

In service,
K2H Business Chair

1. Bank Fee $ 90.00

ParaChat    $300.00

PO Box      $ 38.00



1.  The keyboard is up and running after a brief problem.  Thank you Kim for straightening out the problem.

OCTOBER 2005-----NO M&R this month

We have had 11 out of 21 BizCom members responding to discussion of the currently motioned Agenda Item #11-05-1:   KEYboard, KEYroom, KEYmail Guidelines Addendum.

Specifically, in light of the Traditions, the sale and/or promotion of non-Al-Anon/Alateen items via the KEYboard and K2H email lists is not allowed.  This revision to the K2H Guidelines will be included in all informational emails about how K2H works that are sent to members and, when necessary, conveyed to members in violation personally by email.

Bea will take over as Gentle Reminder Coordinator on January of 2006.  Karen needs to step down

The December business was to fill the officer positions for 2 years.  Officer 
positions start January 1 and coordinator positions start August 1.  They 
will remain the same.  BJ as Chair, Sandy as Alternate Chair, MA as treasurer. 

Due to lack of volunteers for successful term rotation, a review of all positions and duties is in order.
Other information: Bea will finish out Karen`s term as GR coordinator.  CA 
will be in back up training.  

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2006
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2006 08:01:08 AM

In January the agenda discussion evolved about officer positions and those job duties of which there was almost no discussion. Joyce was the only one to reply. Other discussion being an extra service manual and KeyRoom attendance. There was a lively discussion and it was decided to have a raffle.  Those who would like to participate from our business group could do by submitting their names.  Joyce was the lucky winner.  There was great discussion about the KeyRoom also.  It was decided that Carol would get a letter out to the membership giving the information needed to acquaint our members to a valuable resource. There seems a renewed interest as the result of the letter.

In service,
Bea,acting Secretary/Archivist

January reports from the treasurer and several coordinators took place.  
There was no agenda, motions or resolutions this month.

In service,
Bea,the acting Secretary/Archivist

There were three items for discussion during the month. One was upgrading 
Parachat.  Permission was given to Kim.  The second was permission for BJ to send KEY Guidelines to Mary Ann of WSO.  The third was to see if the KEYroom is worth keeping.  It is our major expense.  Below is BJ`S summary of this 
discussion which will be continued next month.

I think this committee has heard from most members re the KEYroom.  Several
good points were made and questions asked.  Maybe there is a solution.

First off, the questions .. I will have to rely on our treasurer for answers
to financial issues, such as why our two largest bills arrived in close
proximity. I've asked MA to please correct me if I misspeak.  I tend to think
donations have been down for a period of time and that the billing cycles
were constant unless KEY accepted another 13 months service at the 1 year
price as we've done offered before, thus possibly throwing billing off a

Those who mentioned a membership wide poll thought it is necessary to do. 
This would be done to gage use/non-use of the room and to pass on information
that voluntary donations by members are the only means to keep such services

Lack of use, lack of funds, low Prudent Reserve, Parachat is KEY's largest
expense and the KEYroom filling a need were all mentioned as was using the
chat option at the web sites.  On this last item, please look
those over and let this committee know what you think about that possibility.

I suggested instituting a Faithful Fiver commitment to the membership and I
now suggest raising K2H's Prudent Reserve somewhat. 

Have I left anything out?  Is there more discussion on this item which is now
listed as Agenda Item 4.06-1 - KEYroom Survival before we proceed?  

In service,



Agenda Item 4.06-1 - KEYroom Survival 

I think this committee has heard from most members re the  KEYroom. Several

- YES ______________  , 18 votes, 58.06% 
- NO ______________ , 13 votes, 41.94% 

The group,  in depth, discussed the outcome. Carol was thoughtful enough to 
have the  topic at the end of April. Her topic was Participation In Recovery. 
It was a  way to bring understanding to the group. A separate share was sent 
to the  KEYroom list.   The final vote regarding the KEYroom will be made  
before our 2007 payment is due.  The prudent reserve will remain the  same.  
Nothing was decided on the faithful fiver.

In service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary

There were no motions or resolutions this month. Posted on May 28th by  BJ
(3889) an outcome of OL communication with the WSO. The letter can be read 
 by gaining access to the KeyBiz site.

In Service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary.

I have deleted four weeks of messages at the KeyMail and KEYroom site. There were no motions or resolutions this month. BJ emailed a note from OLAOC (On Line Al-Anon Outreach Committee). The WSO (World Service Organization) is working on refining guidelines for online meetings. They would be put in our service manual. OLAOC is involved with the process. OLAOC would appreciate any ideas from all online groups.

In service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary
JULY 2006  NO M&R
There wasn`t any business this month.

In service,
Bea, archifist and acting secretary

BJ had made 4 changes in the guidelines and it was suggested to run a 
contest. There would be 4 winners who would get the Forum for the year. However, the discussion dwindled and nothing was decided. MA brought up that there were only a few regulars who followed the 7th Tradition. It was her idea to do a monthly off topic reminder. MA will do so. There was discussion about 
what to do with the Keyboard. Problem was solved by Kim. It is working 

In service,
Bea. archivist and Acting Secretary.

There were no motions or resolutions this month. Sandy did ask who would 
want to remain active on this list. Response seems slow. <G> Sandy indicated 17 responded yes and 0 no.  She will update the list.

In service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary.

There were no motions or resolutions this month. There was an in depth 
discussion on renewing our Domain name. The decision was made to renew for 5 
years. MA brought this to our attention. 

In service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary

In service, Bea, archivist and acting secretary

DECEMBER 2006----------NO M&R

Mary Ann will be moving shortly and indicated that she had served as 
treasurer since 1999. This would be a good time for a new treasurer to step up to the plate. It was noted that our committee members have not stepped forward to take a turn to help fill the positions. January is the month for rotation. A plea was sent out by BJ for volunteers. The keyboard is history. Too many bugs and it has outlived its usefulness. Kim has a back up if we ever decide to revive the board. It was a collective wise decision made by BJ, Sandy and Kim. 

In service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary.

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2007
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2007 08:04:49 AM

BJ presented this agenda: 
Agenda Item #2007-01 - Please make nominations for officer positions of KeyBiz for Key to Harmony Business Committee. The period of service is two(2) years. In the case of more than one nomination (or volunteer) for the same position, a simple election will be held.

of the KEYmail, Joni`s current position.   Transition has begun.  Gloria is considering volunteering for the Alternate Chair.
A great thank you, goes out to MA who has been our treasurer since 1999.  Her dedication to keeping our group finances these many years has not gone unnotiJoni  volunteered to be our new treasurer.  CA volunteered to take over as coordinator ced.
Other discussion was about the KEYroom.  April 1 $300.00 is due.  We have given the room a chance to flourish.  It has not.  CA suggested that if the group wanted to continue that they seek other means.   KIm mentioned this site as cheaper.  Research would need to be done. It appears the room has outlived its usefulness per discussion comments.  Final decision will  be made before the end of March.
The K2H Treasurer Address is now:

K2H Treasurer
361 Main Street Apt 1
Brewer, ME 04412-1876

In service,
Bea Secretary/Achivist

The KEYroom was the primary focus this month. Agenda summary follows:

For Item 2.07-2 BizCom Decision re KEYroom

There are 20 committee members but the chair only votes in case of a tie.
Out of 19 possible votes 6 did not vote; 1 said either way which counts as
abstaining; 2 voted for option #1; 10 voted for option #2.

Option #2 to disband the KEYroom has been chosen by this business

For those disappointed by this vote, please realize that there are other
sources for chat rooms available. With some research, it is possible we
can find another less expensive room to offer as a service to KEY members
provided it is supported with participation and proportionate finances.

In service,

Kim suggested that we notify the KEYroom of this decision several days
before closure and have that announcement extended for a period of time in

In service,
Bea, archivist---secretary


There was further talk concerning the possibility of utilizing a free chat room.  It is not a good idea because there would be loads of spam. BJ made a general announcement to the main list concerning the closing of our KEYroom.  See below: 

With regret, I have to announce that the KEYroom, Key to Harmony's
private chat room for meeting purposes, has been closed due to lack of
participation. With this closing has also come the deletion of the KEYroom-reminder list at ( Key to Harmony is primarily an email meeting and that has never changed. )

The KEYroom was an experimental service added to K2H's meeting agenda
several years ago and, at first, it enjoyed great success even necessitating increases in size to accommodate attendance. Sadly, after a time, the KEYroom fell on hard times due to a continuing lack of volunteer chairs and attendees. 

As KEY's most expensive budget item and in light of Al-Anon's Traditions,
K2H could no longer sustain this meeting format for so few members. This
decision was made neither lightly nor quickly by the Business Committee
of K2H. For example, there was yet another general membership Group
Conscience about this topic a year ago when members, again, had a chance
to speak up and/or pledge support for the KEYroom. The result was dismal to
say the least. Please check the "Files" section at the main KEYmail
listserv site for more information or to refresh your memory about this.

Please keep in mind that your Business Committee is always open to
suggestions, constructive criticism, fresh ideas and comments.  If
anyone has valid and reasonable information about newer (and less
expensive) private chat rooms available in this advanced internet age,
please let us know. Just because one door creaked closed on us doesn't
mean another won't open to newer and better meeting ideas.

BizCom Chair 

In service,
Bea, Secretary/archivist

It was a quiet month for business.  No discussion. Pete sent the only question concerning sending sponsorship information to our group.  
In service,
Bea, secretary/archivisT

Discussion items----Netsonic Web Site Payment and Keyboard Replacement

Due to change of treasurer the bill was paid late.  I looked at our archives and there is no treasurer information. From now on, I will include that information in our meeting notes. Net Sonic web hosting payment is due yearly April 1.

With the Keyboard down, there is no place for writing thank you, apologies etc.  The Gentle reminder committee has asked for suggested solutions. 
1. Adding to off topic such as CAL info, thank yous, apologies ,  2. Referral to one of three temporary KEY sponsors for troubled newcomers , 3. Another keyboard.  Who wants to do the research and submit the prices to the committee?  4.  One GR note suggesting that a KEY sponsor and or f2f sponsor can help you with personal concerns.  Giving them the sponsorship address and or temporary sponsors. 5.  "Off topic," just those words Our members are free to delete  6.   Refer members to the BizCom for answers to any questions or comments. 7.   I sincerely think that doing nothing is doing something constructive

Other suggestions---posting an individual sponsorship message monthly

The keyboard replacement discussion continues.

In service,
Bea Archivist/Secretary
JUNE 2007  NO M&R

As for our June business. There were no motions or resolutions. We lost one 
of our dedicated members, Pete. Talk centered on how much he was a part of 
this group. He is sorely missed. BJ mentioned the Pittsburgh International 
Gathering next September, 2008.

In service,
Bea, archivist and secretary
July 2007   No M&R

I have removed 4 weeks of shares. There are no minutes to report. July was
a quiet month. <G>

In service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary.
August 2007

I removed four weeks of shares per agreement this past month.

For the Business Report. There was no discussion, no motions or no 
resolutions. It was a very quiet August. <G>

In service, Bea acting secretary and archivist


I removed four weeks of shares per agreement this past month

There was no business. Thus, no Motions or Resolutions.  Everything seems to be running smoothly.
In service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary

OCTOBER 2007---Treasury Resolution

Business--changing treasurers.

Item 10-7-07-1 Treasury

Joyce and Kate presented their information. This will be the point of 
discussion. To determine our choice a US treasurer or an Australian Treasurer.

Other thoughts:

1. The treasurer takes donations and (1) keeps accurate track of donations 
and run it through her own account or (2) set up a separate acct. like you would for any other nonprofit organization with her/his name on it first and 
cosigners to follow. Donations are deposited, bills paid and report made to our 
comm. Just as MA did it. 
2. Interest bearing accounts should have no bearing for our group purpose.
3. A US treasurer or non US treasurer would be suitable.
4. Carol would be back up signature if we choose online banking in 
5. Points to discuss: (Carol)My main concern is this: if the majority of donations are generated in America and are in check form, then we will encore significant bank charges. So, I guess it would be good to know a) does most of our money in fact come from the US b) how do people feel about using online funds transfers c) what would the fee for online currency exchange be and d) are we prepared to accept those costs as a group?
6. For contact purposes of the BC, we should all have a copy of each snail 
mail, phone number and email address.

At this time I ask members to exercise your responsibility and confirm by a
simple "yea" one of the 2 available options. Ex.#1: Oz - Yea. Ex.#2 US -
Yea. Please, do not include 'nay' votes or accompanying discussion/
questions/comments that will confuse the issue. Voting to end October 28th 

With 8 out of 17 possible consensus votes, 7 were in favor of Oz; one was
in favor of the US for K2H banking. This vote reflects a business decision of the BC responsible for the business of the general membership of Key to Harmony OL AFG. So,at 6PM OZ it be. 

Congratulations Kate and Carol. When you have e-mail,electronic, snail mail and bank account information set up and activated,please let KEYbiz know so we can make necessary changes in all informational emails that go to the general membership. 

Kate, you will need to contact WSO and have KEY's annual permission to
quote CAL contract sent by snail mail to you so you can sign and return it
to them. By previous vote of KEYbiz, your address is now KEY's official
contact address for WSO. 

To date, I still have not received anything from Joni. 

Thanks to all who participated. 

In service,

I will accept a money transfer into my personal bank to be able to open the
K2H account with. It'll be a good test to discover how simple it is. BJ I
will post my personal BSB and acct Nm to you.I now need a letter from the committee informing the Bendigo Bank that I have been voted in as new treasurer.

The full address of the Bendigo Bank will be sent by Kate and BJ will send a 
note to the bank indicating Kate is now treasurer.

Those taking part in the discussion were: Sandy, Leslie, CA, Kate, Joyce, 
Bea, Carolyn, BJ, Carol and Karen F

In service,
Bea-archivist and secretary

There was a check to see who wished to remain on the BC. Thirteen were 
removed and 15 remain. 

An official note dated November 11, 2007 indicating Kate Pyrnne was elected 
to fill the position of treasurer was sent to me. It was signed by BJ and 
myself as secretary. I sent it to Kate. She has confirmed that she has gotten 
the letter. She is in the process of setting up an account. 

In service,
Bea, archivist and secretary.
DECEMBER 2007 No M&R  (Unfinished Business remains)

There was no December business. However, there is unfinished business. We 
are in the process of setting up a new treasurer and awaiting Kate`s note 
indicating we can now move forward the account is ready we may deposit donations.

In service,
Bea, Archivist/secretary

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2008
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2008 08:07:14 AM
In January we had no new business. The good news is that everything is in
place for us to deposit our individual contributions to KEY. Kate has given us this information. Kate you are now our official treasurer along with Carol doing her part.
I am pleased to be able to let you know that the account is now open
Bendigo Bank - Community Sector Banking
Account title: Key To Harmony Al Anon Family Group
BSB 633-000
Account Number 132832924
The account signatories are Kate Prynne and Carol Perry Marshall (both in Australia)
Thank you Kate and Carol.
In service, Bea archivist and acting secretary
It became apparent that their would be difficulties sending donations to
Kate. We hope to clear the problem so that we can continue with our newly
elected treasurer. Barreling down on us in March is a bill for our website, NetSonic. Something had to be done. It was in the form of a seventh tradition appeal to the entire membership by our BC Chair, BJ. It informed our group of our present dilemma and why a special collection was needed.
Kate will keep the account open in Australia. Joyce volunteered to renew our yearly permission to quote CAL. She ran into trouble and BJ will help her complete the form. It is complete and on its way to the WSO office. Joyce had to put her address as CMA. Revision of our Treasurer duties will have to be made by the BC. That will be done.
Sandy will open a temporary account and deposit the money sent to her for the impending March Bill. Thanks to the quick and generous response from our members, as of today's deposit we have $540.00 in our checking account which is located in the Harvard State Bank in Harvard, IL.
From Kate/treasurer Funds to date.
In the US $540
In Australia $120
BJ asked Joyce to hold off changing the CMA. There is a need to check WSO`s
Policy before changes are made. We also may have to change the duties of the Treasurer that indicates CMA is part of the Treasurer`s duties as voted on bythe BC----unfinished business.
Inform our group that the a temporary account was established.
Each of us should be check with our bank to see if they offer something
similar to the vasco one touch token that makes it possible for Kate to do
business out of Australia.
Bank Findings. Gloria indicated that at her Wells Fargo Bank that an
individual sending money to Australia can be done. It would be costly to set up a special account.
Sandy found out that to transfer money to Australia it would cost $25
dollars. Big amounts one would not see much loss. Small donations yes.
Some considerations for future discussion.
1. See if Pay Pal would send BC money overseas.
2. Search for best ways to transfer our temporary account to Australia
3. Joyce has agreed to be the CMA for KEY at this point; sees nothing wrong
with our having a trial period for foreign-to-the-US whoever ends up being the US Bag Person get debit cards with Kate ending up with one of the two cards issued so she can make withdrawals on her end. Money in, money out. Keep it simple. (From BJ)
4. Suggestion of giving our treasurer`s report to the main group,
FYI Entire discussion can be found in the Archives Messages 4403 to 4519
In Service,
Bea, archivist and acting secretary
Agenda presented by BJ: and the Summary of the discussion from BJ:
Discussion of the March 2008 Items presented officially ended at midnight last night. (March 25th) The following is the secretary's summary and is the result of five (5) members responding out of 12 eligible to participate.
Agenda Item # 03-08-1: Decide a time frame for trial of Australia Treasury and reach a resolution on this so that Kate can continue to be our secretary (she has done a lot of work on this) or decide that having the treasury in Australia is not workable and find a new treasurer.
     1.Carolyn feels it a moot point since it is up and running.  No changes for at least a year.
     2.  Sandy- I agree with Carolyn on this item. A year's trial should be a fair time to see if this runs as smoothly as we hope it will.
    3.  Bea-- I too feel as Carolyn. There is no need to act on this at this time.
    4.  Joyce-I concur that an evaluation of how things are going at the end of this year is a good idea. Unless I have missed something (and I may have here), we still need to know if Kate has been able to use the debit card and has successfully paid Netsonic. Also, we have the WSO stuff to work out.
     5.  Kate--*Kate isn't the secretary! I will go with the status quo.
Agenda Item # 03-08-2: Revise Treasurer duties if Treasury remains in Australia.
       1. Carolyn----  the Australian treasury on our online AFG being groundbreaking and experimental, it seems to me to be extremely premature to even consider making written changes to the Treasurer duties, for probably at least a year. By then, as any necessary adjustments are made when a need becomes apparent, they could be entered in our minutes, and at the end of the year, if anything needs to change in the written duties, it could be added at that time.
      2. Sandy-I'll agree with Carolyn...wait to modify or change the Treas. duties until the end of the trial period.
      3.  Bea-. I too feel as Carolyn. There is no need to act on this at this time.
      4.  Joyce-I concur that an evaluation of how things are going at the end of this year is a good idea. Unless I have missed something (and I may have here), we still need to know if Kate has been able to use the debit card and has successfully paid Netsonic. Also, we have the WSO stuff to work out.
     5.  Kate-*This would be a good idea.
Agenda Item # 03-08-3: Clarify CMA with WSO if Treasurer duties remain in Australia (Joyce is only temporarily in that position)
    1.  Carolyn ---letting WSO know who our CMA is (Kate our Treasurer) is probably a good idea, the sooner the better. This will be kinder to Joyce, as well, as she will not have to receive and forward the notices, etc. which she receives as temporary to help out the group. Also, then Kate can begin receiving and sending the proper correspondence that goes between the Treasurer and WSO.
   2.  Sandy---Have we determined whether or not WSO will include out of country CMA's ?
   3.  Bea-- We need to check with the WSO and see if the CMA can be to a person out
of the country. It would be nice if Kate could get all our group mail.
   4.  Joyce- I, too, would like to see the CMA remain with Kate in Australia if at all possible. Having the mailing address remain with the treasurer makes sense. If that is not feasible for WSO mailings, then someone else on the committee could/might agree to do that.
  5.  Kate--*  *Does the group need an official CMA with WSO or is this just the treasurers
CMA? I think it would be a good idea to have a CMA in the US for practical
Agenda Conclusion is as follows:The only possible Conclusion from this month's Agenda is that there was not a sufficient number participating during the discussion phase to form a
quorum. With no Agenda Items moving forward, we will remain with the status quo.
KEY's CMA will be transferred from Joyce, who requested being a temporary
CMA, to one of the officer's so it can remain in the US in order to
facilitate US snail mail from WSO.
There are already two (2) items slated for an April Agenda. If anyone has
additional Items you want placed on that Agenda for discussion and possible
action, please send them to me before the end of March. Nothing has come in
from the KEY Mailbox at this time.
In service,

Item # 4-08-1: Revisit the amount of Prudent Reserve necessary for K2H's treasury. 
       1. Gloria- I personally feel a good prudent reserve is the total of a year's expense.     
      2.Debby-~I agree with Gloria that a prudent reserve would be the amount, if at all possible, of one year's worth of bills                                                                          3. Joyce-I would like to see the reserve lowered to $300.  New thought---
What if we were to lower the reserve by $100 to $400 for a while and see how that works...We could always consider a lower amount in a year or so - after the new treasurer/s can offer some suggestions re a good working amount with the new system?
4.  Sandy-  A year and a half worth of expenses for wiggle room.                                                                        5.  Bea -- Yes, we should have some wiggle room.  Just what are our yearly expenses until 2012?  This is when we again pay for our domain name.  WSO needs some help too.
6.  Leslie---I think a prudent reserve a little higher than the amount of our annual expenses is reasonable.Item 4.08-2: The spot for KEYmail Coordinator is open.  Is there a volunteer in the house.  Please check description of Coordinator Duties listed in the file section at the BizCom web site.
    1.  Debby--No comment.                                                                   2. Joyce--I am not available for this position
3.  Sandy -- Had this experience and encouraged members to volunteer.
4.  Bea -- Yes, it is a way to get to know the membership.   I can vouch that you will have the BC members behind you that have gone before you.
5.   Debby volunteered since becoming familiar with the duties.
 6.  Leslie--very busy
Item 4.08-3: Committee discussion: What is a Group Conscience?  How is it achieved? 
   1. Debby--Does this pertain to a Group Conscience for the Business Committee?
   2. Joyce--I am concerned about how some things are handled in BizCom.
   3.  BJ--responded to Joyce`s concerns see message 4577
   4.  Sandy--a time for us to examine what is working and not working.
   5.  Bea---1.  "Looking over" what has transpired and coming to a group conclusion     on what might need to be changed. 
   6.  Leslie--an effective way to openly discuss what is working and what isn't working for us as a group.
  1.  Kate informed group of upcoming throat surgery.
 2.  Suggestion to Leslie concerning sponsorship
  3.  Need for more members on the sponsorship comm, need for updated list of willing sponsors. 
  4.  Note from BJ indicating the agenda is coming to a close.  Accepting Debby`s offer as Keymail Coordinator.  Asking CA to get the information to Debby and thanking her for her service to the group.  Reminder to pray for Kate, our treasurer. 
5.  CA gave her last report and is officially done as keymail coordinator at the end of April.
FYI Discussion begins with message 4571 to 4593.  You may want to review the discussion in full.
In service,
Bea archivist/secretary
MAY 2008  NO M&R
In May we had no motions or resolutions only requests from our keymail and sponsor coordinators for help.  So far there have been no responses to Leslie`s request. 
Information from our Keymail and Sponsor Coordinators
Leslie needs more help on this committee. She posted the names of those who have volunteered to sponsor.
Debby-would like a standby volunteer list to fill in as needed.
Correction---There has been no response to Leslie`s request.
 Leslie suggested the possibility of doing away with the sponsorship list, having sponsorship topics several times a year and the membership choosing sponsors that touch them in a positive way through their shares.
Dorothy suggested contacting the sponsorship members.  Their response could guide us to a decision on whether to keep the list.  She is also willing to help in anyway.
Bj`s input:
 It's something to think abou
In Service,
Bea  Secretary/Archivist
Summary of June`s sponsorship discussion is as follows:
BJ edited the Sponsorship Committee letter as well as asking politely for volunteers to this committee headed by Leslie.
 Encouraging information from Sandy on the duties of those helping Leslie (forward letter, keep track of who it was sent to and report to Leslie once a month) 
t as Leslie said, to dispense with the list and gear several meetings toward Sponsorship and CAL that goes with it. And/or Sponsorship CAL can be listed in an "Off Topic/Business" email to the main group to let them know what is available with an excerpt or paraphrased section dealing with how to select a sponsor in this on line format.
Sandy found her first sponsor prior to the sponsorship list.  She was drawn toward a member through her sharing and feels this is a good way to connect with a sponsor. 
Carol---First sponsor thru Chat Room.  Favors sponsorship topic and keeping the list if at all possible.
Carolyn---Found her first sponsor by being drawn to her sharing.  Didn't know about the list.
Gloria-- Didn`t know about the list.  Found her sponsor via the chat room.  She has two sponsors.  One is a service sponsor.
Sandy- have several topics per year on sponsorship by a seasoned member and suggest anyone looking for a sponsor read the shares, write the person and ask them to serve as their sponsor. - as Suggested buy Leslie
Leslie--Putting sponsorship list on hold for year while we try sponsorship topics with the above suggestion.
Dorothy`s response from going over the Sponsorship list. 
3 did not respond, 4 returned apparently not good emails,1 no address available, 6 with no requests and 2 with requests this past year
Joyce----Agrees with scrapping the list and having members write to the individual whose shares they like
Debby---is in agreement with Joyce and the others.
June treasurer report from Kate
Monies held in the US $403.28 US
Monies held in Australia $121.53 Aust.
Reserve to be 1 1/2 years expenses
FYI discussion begins with message 4618 through 4643
Minutes recorded by Bea, acting secretary/archivist.
JULY 2008--NO M&R
This month I removed a four weeks worth of shares per our agreement.
There was no KeyBiz business this month.
In service,
Bea archivist/secretary
SANDY, made a suggestion to send some of our funds over the prudent reserve to a needy Indian group.  ,  
JOYCE--wants to return to regular donations to WSO quarterly appeal letters from WSO posted to the entire membership.  Is in favor of a discussion concerning some funds being sent to a needy group.                              
BEA -- did some checking in the Archives and found that we have a yearly bill of $241.52.  There must be some expenses that Kate and Sandy have to meet yearly.  Domain Name expense again. $99.95 sometime in March of 2007.  Bear in mind inflation.  I feel it is necessary to have some wiggle room.  We can give above prudent reserve to WSO and a needy group.
SANDY--There are no expenses since we are a non profit group.  MA sent donations to WSO when we were above the prudent reserve and the amounts varied.
BJ-The formula of KEY'S expenses plus half again for wiggle room as PR was discussed, suggested and passed on to the treasurer and helper for their implementation. That would include the quarterly donations as in the past that are a matter of a vote of this committee. 

By my figures that would be NetSonic and domain name for one year is roughly 270 USD combined with half added making it around 400 USD PR. This type formula rather than a set figure gives room for unexpected expenses should they arise and, from past experience, they can and do.

If Sandy receives favorable reply about a CAL project on reservations by WSO and if it is administered similar to our previous Russian Literature Project, group donations are sent to WSO for it to purchase and mail the CAL.                                                                       In service,
BJ---Donations to WSO can continue quarterly as voted by this committee.  There is no reason for that to stop.  Or we can made one year end donation provided it is the vote of the majority of this committee.  The same applies to a CAL project if we find out about one. 
SANDY-  Still waiting information
JOYCE--suggestion that we could wait until December on how to handle excess money and appeals.  Questions, Will the US Money be transferred to Australia?  Will Kate be able to make donations to WSO from Australia?  Is Kate able to pay bills from Australia? 
Four people took part in the discussion this month. Sandy, Joyce, BJ and Bea.  The prudent reserve has been established at $400 USD.  Joyce`s questions have not been discussed.
August Treasurer Report: 
funds in the Bendigo Cash Management account $120.93 Aust
funds held in the 
US $403.48 US
Total on exchange approx $515

No monies in and no monies out.
In service

 FYI-- complete discussion--messages 4650-4661
In Service,
Bea, archivist/secretary
There was no discussion, motions or resolutions this past month. Only one note from Joyce: Is there any way that the treasurer's report could be posted as one entity (i.e. U.S. and Australian funds posted in the same report?)
Sandy--Anyway, there was no activity in the treasury on this side of the pond so our balance remains the same as last month.  $413.48
In service,
Bea, secretary/archivist
This months discussion concerned our web page.  Carol felt it needed updating Joyce felt someone on the BC could help.  Kim could do so with suggestion of redesigning it.  BJ mentioned that the files Kim talked about are in the files and suggested contacting the authors for continued use/non use.  She asked for website suggestions.  The BC has been silent.  
In service,
Bea archivist/secretary  FYI  October  discussion # 4666-4683

In regard to the October web page discussion, Sandy suggested the possibility of asking the general membership for their individual experiences. Debby finally got back on line and Joyce made amends to the group. Sandy  received the forms to fill out for permission to use CAL online, has done so and sent them to Virginia Beach

Treasurer Report from Kate is as follows:

Opening balance. $438.48
Deposit 25.00

Current balance $463.48

Australian Account
No transactions (deposits)
Current balance $124.61

 It was a quiet month. Discussion found in messages 4684-4698

In service, Bea secretary/ archivist
There were no motions, resolutions this past month within the business committee.  
In service,
Bea, Archivist/Secretary
 Other information:
1.  Debit cards can be used between Australia and the US.  The paper work is being done right now.

2.  Key To Harmony has been granted permission to use CAL as of February 28, 2008 in our online shares by the WSO. Bea and BJ have a copy of the paper work with the WSO signature.

3.  Kate`s February in detail report to the entire group.  Here is a portion of the report.
 Bank account title Key to Harmony Al-Anon Family Group
BSB 633-000
Account number 132832924
Funds to hand. In the US $610
In Australia $120
Total approx $730
Bills to be paid - Netsonic, The details of their
account need to be obtained, this bill will be paid as soon as possible.
4.  (Curtis Ann) have decided that I need to leave the BizCom. I've asked Joyce if she would like to step in as Chair Coordinator and finish my term.  Response from BJ--.I doubt there will be an objection to Joyce's finishing your term as KEYshare Coordinator but the position opening will be offered to all those on the committee before a decision is made.  Response from CA: Of course the committee must make a decision. Thank you, BJ, for pointing that out. I apologize for getting ahead of myself.  I did send a note so that those involved know they need to join the BC. 

6.   I want to let the committee know that the meeting chairs are scheduled through to the very last week of June. We just had one more person volunteer, and all that is open is the week of June 29. There appears to be two brand new volunteer chairs. I will continue to send the chair reminders to each week's volunteer chair until May, when I hope another Chair Coordinator can step in. Please e-mail me with any questions and/or instructions.

7.  Sandy---As the bill is due in about 10 days, I would suggest we pay it from here and as donations come in and a certain amount is on deposit (to be determined) I can transfer funds to Australia. I believe this is going to be the most workable arrangement as I now see it.

8. Carolyn- I'll move to accept Sandy's offer to pay for now, etc. as she suggests. Especially since it's only a hop, skip, and a jump from where Sandy is to where NetSonic is, and time is short this time.

9.BJ--Not to worry, Carolyn. Which one pays this time is the decision between Kate and Sandy to make. They are not only trusted servants but treasured as well and more than capable of making an 'executive call'.

10.  Sandy introduced our new member-- as a new member to Key Biz. Deb, Feel free to introduce yourself to this committee and share your Al-Anon service experience with us.

11.  Deb introduced herself to the group.

12  Request to CA from BJ  Would you please send the up-to-date KEYshare chair's list to Sandy <>, Bea <> and me <> ?

13.  BJ to CA--- If you want to come back on the BC you can continue as KEYshare Coordinator, CA. Otherwise, a BC representative needs to be in charge of chairs and a couple of us, traditionally chair and alternate chair, have copies of the chair list so we can either back-up the Coordinator or find someone else on the BC who will in case of problems. It's up to you.

14.   Our netsonic receipt is as follows:Dear,Thank You for your payment of 241.52 to NetSonic - A Division of Dynamic Ventures, LLC for your web site hosting services.  We appreciate your trust and confidence in NetSonic and we value your business greatly.Your last statement was sent on 3/20/2008. The current date is 3/26/2008.

Payment ID:   63742 Date: 3/26/2008  Total:     241.52 Type:CHECK  Number:001  Invoice:     141048 Total:     241.52 Applied: 241.52 Your customer ID number is 5340 Please direct any billing questions to Thank You for choosing NetSonic!  We value and appreciate
your business.
NetSonic - A Division of Dynamic Ventures, LLC
PO Box 28283
Green Bay, WI 54324
(920) 432-0360

15. Sandy reviewed the information given when a new person joins the BC.

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2009
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2009 08:09:19 AM
January 2009 NO M&R 
     It was a quiet month.  No M&R.  Debby our K2H meeting coordinator had some concerns .  They were answered.
     In service,
     Bea, archivist/secretary.
     It was a quiet month.  No Motion/resolution or discussion.  I did remove 4 weeks of messages per agreement.
    In service,
    Bea, archivist/secretary
MARCH 2009 NO M&R  
The only information this this month was from our alt treasurer,treasurer and KeyBiz
 chair.  Sandy took care of updating our electronic Meeting Registration. ID# 62160.  Sandy is also our CMA.  Plus she took care of our Netsonic payment.  The payment information was given via BJ which follows:   Thank You for your payment of 241.52 to NetSonic,

Below is the February information from our Alt treasurer and treasurer:
Due to the many wildfires and problems caused by them in Australia, contact with Kate is limited.  
In Service
Sandy                         Feb. Bal.    $523.48
                                   Dep.             65.00
                            Bal. on hand     $588.48

Kate`s Report
US                                      Bal.    $523.48
                                   Dep.             65.00
                            Bal. on hand     $588.48

                            Bal as of 1st F eb. $126.00 Aus
                                          int.              .34
                             Closing balance   $126.34
In service,
Bea, secretary/archivist
There were no motions and resolutions.  Just a  request from Sandy with her treasurers report. 

Below is the United States part of the treas. report.   If it meets with the approval of all concerned, I would like to add to our trailer on the 7th tradition for people who donate to include an email address so I can acknowledge their donations.   This was approved.
Starting bal.  $588.48
Pd. Netsonic  $241.52
Bal ............346.96
Dep.                                     20.00
                   Bal. on hand       $366.96
MAY----Discussion and resolution
     BJ asked if there were any objections to sharing our guidelines for participation with the chair of her area assembly.  Debby, Joyce, Sandy, Leslie, Bea, Gloria, Carolyn responded no. Share them.
    Discussion over the May 31st opening share Al-Anon promises.  Action:  BJ adding a new file with data indication there are no promises and a note to the membership.   Sandy`s share  reinforced that to the group.                            

FYI  Sandy and Kate`s treasurer report:
     Treasurer's report.
US account, 
Bal brought forward           366.96
Deposit                                   15.00
End bal                                 381.96

Australian Account
opening bal                        126.34
Int.                                               .23
Closing bal                         126.57

In service,
Bea, archivist/secretary
JUNE 2009  NO M&R

The only happening were a few emails asking for help.  I deleted the archives as directed.

In service,
JULY 2009 NO M&R
There were no motions or resolutions this month only discussion on sharing and cross talk.  Sharing by the BC was encouraged.  An understanding was achieved concerning cross talk.   The current GR addresses the problem when it happens.  

I removed a months worth of shares per agreement.

In service,
Bea, secretary/archivist
There were no motions or resolutions this month just some discussion 
over a troubled member.  FYI  the state side and  Australian treasurers report is :
The Aug. balance for KEYis     $431.96. The same as last month with no
income or bills due or paid.

In Service
Sandy --- Kate's stateside assistant.

US Balance - No change
Balance US $431.96

Aust Balance, in Bendigo Bank Cash Management Account.
Balance Aust$127.25

Interest $ .22

Aust $127.47

In service,
Bea, Archivist and acting Secretary
There were no motions or resolutions this month.  BJ approached us to
see if we wanted to start a concept study.  Also, only one person

FYI below is the state side treasurers report.

The balance in our U.S. account remains the same with a balance of

In service
Kate's U.S. assistant

It was a quiet month with no business brought before the group. I deleted a months worth of shares and Sandy sent her state side report which follows.

In service,

I deposited two checks this for 23.00 and second for 25.00 bringing the total in the US Harvard State Bank to $479.96.

I sent this to Kate a week ago. I'd like to see her make the completed report to the BC as she is actually the treas. and I don't want to appear as if I'm doing her job.

I also suggested to her that we may want to re-visit the 'Prudent reserve' with the BC as there is just the one amount coming out of our treas. each year. About 241.00

In service Sandy--state side representative


 Hello All, here is the report for end of October. It is always a 
little delayed as I have to wait to receive the statement from the 
Bendigo Bank.

US Account.
Opening balance 431.96
Deposit 23.00 with thanks
Deposit 25.00 with thanks

Closing balance $479.96US

Australian Account
Opening balance 127.93
Interest .24
Closing balance $128.17Aus

Item # 11-09 Motion made by Sandy, seconded by Joyce, to donate $100.00 to
WSO in memory of Mary S., Ric B.'s mother. There are 14 members of the
Business Committee. 

Yea-Leslie, Yea-Gloria, Yea-Joyce, Yea-Kate, Yea-Bea, Yea-Debby,
Yea- Carolyn, Yea- Sandy
Motion Passed. Sandy received a Thank You via snail mail for KEY from Ric
Buchanan for our donation of $100 for his mother's memorial.

There was quite a discussion concerning the Prudent Reserve. It had been
lowered last April on a trial basis to $400 dollars. We will try and build
up the Australian account. The 2 trusted servants will determine when that
takes place. Kate would like to see the Australian sum build up to be a
useful sum which can be used if and when needed. That means letting it build
up to around $300 so that in an emergency, the Australian account can be
used to make the payments.

Other things discussed were topic shares, moderated persons and WSO

The monthly discussion can be found in messages 4850-4927

Treasury Reports: Sandy
We had donations this month amounting to $50.00 bringing our total to
$429.96 in the US treasury.

Kate`s report:

Here is the treasurer's report for November

US account
opening balance $479.96 US
donation to WSO $100.00
donation in 50.00 with many thanks
closing balance $429.96 US

Aust account
opening balance $128.17 Aust
interest .26
closing balance $128.43 Aust

Dear all,
Thank you for your continued support for Sandy and myself as we both 
handle the Key 2Harmony account.
To all our new members I would like to explain why the treasurer is in 
We had a problem a few years back and we lost all our funds.
We have since tightened up the accounts and due to the fact that we 
live in an electronic age, I put myself forward as the new treasurer 
with Sandy handling the US side for me. This position is on a trial 
basis and so far seems to be working well. I opened a community 
account here in Australia with the Bendigo Bank, which has a BSB and 
account number which is easy to deposit straight into. The account 
does have a cheque book which needs to be signed by two people and 
Carol in northern New South Wales is the other signatory. Sandy has a 
safe account in the US and she sends me reports at the end of the 
month, while I have to wait till the statement account comes through 

In service,
Bea, secretary/archivist

DECEMBER 2009--Communication

There was just a short communication concerning how to address keeping the meetings flowing when a person has computer problems.  This was solved by several of us who offered to have our phone numbers available within the message sent by Debby to the next chair.

Stateside treasurer`s report from Sandy:
Hi Kate and Committee,

We had a donation of $15.00 for the month of Dec. giving us a total of $444.96 in the U.S. Treas.

In service

Kate`s report

US Account
Opening balance       429.96
Donation                        15
Closing balance      $444.96  US dollars

Australian account  
Opening balance       128.43
Interest                                .27
Closing balance         128.70

In service,
Bea, acting secretary and archist who has deleted one month`s shares.

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2010
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2010 08:10:36 AM
JANUARY 2010--Discussion/Conclusion

     From BJ--As I see it this committee has 2 things to accomplish: 1) Revising the Cover Letter sent to prospective chairs and 2) seeking a volunteer for the KEYmail Coordinator position.
     BJ revised the cover letter and Joyce offered to be the KEYmail Coordinator starting in April..   Debby will be stepping down at the end of February.   Thank you for your two years of service, Debby.
     The cover letter was revised because one of our members had a problem with one of the shares. 
     One can find the long discussion starting at message 4953 thru 5032 at our main site.
      In service, Bea acting secretary/archivist
Sandy`s state side report:
With a beginning balance of   $444.96
and deposit of                           50.00
our new balance is
Those who have taken part in the discussion are, Debby, Carolyn, Sandy. Leslie, Dorothy, BJ, Bea, Joyce and Gloria


US account
Opening balance       $444.96
Deposit                   $  50.00            With thanks
Closing balance        $494.96

Australian Account
Opening balance        $128.70
Interest                    .30
Deposit                $  10.00               By direct debit 
thanks Closing balance        $139.00

Debby will be moving and unable to continue to coordinate the weekly meeting chairs.  Thank you for your service, Debby   Joyce will be stepping up as coordinator.  After Sandy sending out an invitation to join the business committee and a service share from Joyce, two people have responded.  One of them joined the BC and hopefully the other person will join too. The newest member will be helping Joyce.  Here is Sandy`s stateside treasurer`s report:  We started this month w/ $519.96 and with deposits totaling $25.00, our bal. is $544.96. 

Complete Treasurer`s Report from Kate:

US account.
Opening balance $519.96
Deposit $ 25.00 with thanks
Closing balance $544.96

Australian Account

Opening balance $139.00
Interest $ .31
Deposit 1st Feb $ 10.00 with thanks
Deposit 15th Feb $ 10.00 with thanks
Closing balance $159.31

In service
Bea acting secretary/archivist
MARCH 2010

Sandy put out an invitation  for our members to join the BC.   Joyce in her share indicated help was needed with the Forum Posting.  One new member volunteered.  Diane is now officially a member of the BC.  There was discussion concerning the Forum Posting.  Diane has agreed too be Forum Coordinator for a year.  The NetSonic bill has been paid.   The receipt has been received.  
Thank You for your payment of 241.52 to NetSonic - 
A Division of Dynamic Ventures, LLC for your web site 
hosting services. We appreciate your trust and confidence in NetSonic 
and we value your business greatly. 
Your last statement was sent on 
3/22/2010. The current date is 3/26/2010. 

Diane posted two shares for March and Joyce will be posting the April forum shares.
.The treasurer`s report will be given to the BC by Kate as soon as she has heard from her bank.

In service,

US account
Net sonic bill has been paid 
invoice 168876 for Netsonic service paid from 1/4/10 through to 1/4)/10  (dd/mm/yr)
$301.90 with a customer discount of $60.38
Total Bill  Cheque no #005 for  $241.52 paid on 24/3/10

Us Opening end of March          $569.96
Netsonic bill                -  $241.52
Donation                  $  10        with thanks

Closing balance              $338.44

Australian account 
Opening balance  $159.31
Donation                     $  10        with thanks
Donation                     $  10        with thanks    
Donation                     $  10        with thanks

Closing balance                $189.66
Please remember that there is an exchange rate difference, although not that much at the moment.

APRIL 2010  No Business

BJ asked at the beginning of the month if there was any business.   There was no response.   I  removed a months worth of shares per agreement
In service,
Bea secretary/archivist  
May 2010

There  was no actual meeting but some clarification for Joyce concerning her Forum Posting  questions.   Joyce reported that the meetings are covered through August.  I will add Kate`s treasurer report as soon as we hear from her.
In service,
Bea, Archivist and Secretary 

Kate`s Treasurer`s report for May
U.S. Account. 
Opening balance         $338.44
no bills no deposits
Closing balance            $338.44

Australian account
Opening balance $210.12
Interest .53
Dep by Direct debit 10/5/10 $ 10.00 with thanks
Dep by Direct debit 24/5/10 $ 10.00 with thanks

Closing balance $230.65 Australian dollars

There was no business for June.   I removed the approved weekly messages.  The monthly treasurer`s report will be included later.
In service,

Here is the report for June,  
US Account
Opening Balance $338.44
Deposits $  77.00 With thanks
Closing Balance $415.44

Australian Account
Opening Balance $230.65
1st June Interest $       .63
7th June Deposit $  10.00 With thanks
21st June Deposit $  10.00 With thanks
Closing Balance $251.28
In service


There was no business this month. Kate will give the Treasurer`s report ASAP. 

She is recovering from surgery. I will include it in the minutes when we 
receive her report.

In Service.
Bea, archivist/secretary
AUGUST 2010                                                                There was no business this month.  I continue to delete the archives monthly.   The Treasurer`s report will be given by Kate as soon as she is recovered from her surgery.

US account
End of July balance 415.44
August Deposits 110 With many thanks.
2 Sept closing balance 525.44

Aust. account
Opening balance 251.28
1. 7 .10 interest .68
5.7.10 Deposit 10 with many thanks
19.7.10 Deposit 10 with many thanks
Closing balance 271.96

Opening balance 271.96
1.8.10 interest .76
2.8.10 Deposit 10 With many thanks
16.8.10 Deposit 10 With many thanks
30.8.10 Deposit 10 With many thanks
Closing balance 302.72

In service
Kate P
Kuranda, North Queensland, Australia

In service,
Bea--Secretary/ Archivist

This month there was no business just a discussion about an opening.   You can find the discussion from 5180 to 5190.   The treasurer`s report  by Kate will be added as soon as it is posted  I have removed 4 weeks of the oldest shares.
In service,
Bea, secretary/archivist

Kates Report:

There has been no change in the US account.
Opening and Closing remain at $525.44

Australian account

Opening balance 1/9/10 $302.72
Interest .84
Direct Debit deposit 13/9/10 $ 10.00 With many thanks
Direct Debit deposit 27/9/10 $ 10.00 With many thanks

Closing balance $323.56

The good news is that the Australian Dollar is now almost at parity 
with the US dollar!
October 2001 Report

Kate felt an Australian Donation of $300 to WSO was in order since we have a prudent reserve of  $500 here in the US.   BJ felt it would be nice to have a consensus from the group but there is no need for a vote.  As of today, there have been only several who have given their input.  It would be nice to hear frrom the entire BC.  Kate would let the BC and the members of KEY when she has sent the check to WSO.  Kate will send her complete report as soon as possible and added to this report.  There have been a month`s worth of oldest shares removed.
In service,
Bea  Archivist/Secretary

US account
There has been no change to the US account it remains $525.44

Australian Account.
1.10.10 Opening balance $323.56
01.10.10 Interest $ .87
11.10.10 Payment by direct debit $ 10.00
25.10.10 Payment by direct debit $ 10.00
Closing balance $344.43

Some time ago I suggested that once the Australian account reached the 
three hundred mark I would like to send $300 to WSO. The business 
committee supported this decision. I have now sent a cheque of $300 
to Carol, the other signatory to the Key to Harmony, with an enclosed 
stamped address envelope to WSO.
Carol should have this cheque by now and it will be on it's way to the 
US and WSO.
This will leave $44.43 in the account once the cheque has been cleared.
In service,
Kate P Treasurer

There was no business this month to discuss. Kate was able to send $300 dollars to WSO    I will include the November treasurer`s report  when Kate submits it to the membership and our group.
In service,
Bea, archivist and secretary


There was no discussion however there was a plea to our main group for help with the GR committee.   We were blessed with 5 volunteers who joined the BC. Welcome Arlene, Alice, Barb F, Barb K and Shals.  The treasurers`s report will be added when Kate sends it to the BC and the main group of members.  I have deleted a weeks worth of shares.
In service,
Bea, archivist/secretary--------
AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2011
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2011 08:30:08 AM

There was no business this month.   Want to let you all know that Kate, our treasurer, is experiencing rather bad weather in Australia.  If communication is down, I am sure she will get her report to the group as soon as she is able.
In service,
Bea, archivist/secretary

At Kate's request, I'm going to file the report for the US treas.  As soon as she gets to feeling better, she will send a combined report for the entire treasure acct.
During the month of Jan. '11, we received donations of $20 bringing our total to $545.44.  There were no expenditures.
In service

There were no motions or resolutions this month.    Sandy mailed off our forms to allow us to quote CAL and mailed this report to Kate.  

From Sandy
I hope this note finds all of you Aussies getting your lives back together following all the awful things that have happened in your country.  And, I hope all is well with you personally.
We had a $25 deposit in our acct. bringing us a total of $570.44.  Kate will get her report to the  group as soon as she is able to do so.
In service,
Bea----Archivist/secretary  ( I have been removing four weeks of earliest shares per month)

MARCH 2011 

There was discussion concerning how much paper documentation from our account we should keep. Sandy will keep a few months of bank statements and shred the rest.  She has a ledger that has important data.  Joyce would like to rotate off as keymail chair.   We are looking for volunteers from the BC to take over as chair.  We have heard from Kate and here is her report. Kate has been able to give a full accounting of money taken in and out of the account.   FYI the months discussion can be found in the messages 5257 through 5263 at our KeyBiz site.
The US account

Opening balance $570.44
Payment to Netsonic $241.52
Balance $328.92 US

Australian account
Dec 01/12/10 to 20/12/10
opening balance $357.89
interest $ 1.04
deposits $ 5.00 with thanks
closing balance $363.93 

Jan 01/01/11 to 17/01/11
opening balance $363.93
Interest $ 1.12
Deposits $ 5.00 with thanks
closing balance $370.05 

Feb 31/01/11 to 18/02/11
Opening balance $370.05
Interest $ 1.14
Deposits $ 5.00 with thanks
Withdrawal for WSO $300
fee $ 10.00

Closing balance $ 66.19
In service, 
Bea archivist/secretary
APRIL 2011 

Yes, months do go by fast.  Joyce has agreed to be chair of keymail for this year..    Other communication was our treasurer`s report which follows:

Hi to all, here is the statement for April.

US account, no change in $328.92

Australian Account.
Opening balance $74.73
1st April Interest $ 1.06 $75.79
1st April transaction fee $1.75 $74.04
11 April $ 2.50 $76.54
27 April $ 2.50 $79.04

Closing balance withdrawals $1.75 Deposits $6.06 Closing balance 

In service
Kate P

In Service,
Bea, archivist/secretary
May 2011 Report

Oh my two senior moments in a row! There are few days left in June.   There was no discussion or business.   Sandy indicated that the USA account remained the same and Kate, our treasurer submitted this report.  Thanks,Kate.
Here is the report for May.
There were no changes to the US account which still stands at $328.92 US

Australian account.

Bendigo Bank
BSB 633-000
Account No 132832924

Opening balance $79.04
1st May Interest .22
9th May Direct Credit $ 2.50 with Many thanks
23rd May Direct credit $ 2.50 With Many thanks

Closing balance $84.26

Just to let you know that the June account will be coming out soon and
I will update you when I receive the statement.

your treasurer
Kate P

In Service,
Bea,, Archivist/secretary
June 2011 Business Report
The guidelines for participation  were clarified through discussion.  There was a limited discussion  concerning a donation to the WSO from Austrailia.   BJ  sees no  reason why we couldn`t do that  and asked to hear from the entire group.   The usual members responded, not the entire group.  
In service,
Bea, secretary/archivist

There was no business

In service,
Bea archivist/secretary

There was no business.   I removed a months worth of earliest shares

In service,
Bea, secretary/archivist

There was no business this past month. I removed one months shares.

In service,

There was no business this month. I removed a months worth of old messages.

In service
Bea/archist and secretary

There was no business this month. I per agreement removed 4 weeks of
the oldest shares.

Sandy was in touch and asked me to let you know that there was no
change in the US account of $368.92. She is temporarily without
Internet service.

In service,
Bea, Secretary/Archivist

There was no December business.   I removed per agreement one month`s worth of oldest shares.Beginning 2012 acct bal.   $468.92

No bills to pay and no donations for month of Dec. 2011 


AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2012
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2012 08:31:49 AM
January 2012

We had some discussion this past month.  Sandy asked for help in finding a certain publication.  
I removed a month worth of oldest shares.
In service,
Bea, secretary/archivist

Treasurer`s Report

US Account
On the 23/1/12 Keys account was closed at Harvard Il in the US and a 
new account opened at Galesburg Il on 3/2/12

Opening balance $468.92
8:00 PM (22 minutes ago)

to KeyBiz 
Yes, I am red faced!  There was no business.

In service,
Archivist/ Secretaryation $ 15.00

minus membership in the Credit union -$5

Closing balance478.92

Australian Account
Opening balance 1 Nov 11 $666.92
1 Nov 11 Interest $ 1.86
7 Nov 11 Direct deposit $ 2.50 With many thanks
21 Nov 11 Direct Dep $ 2.50 With many thanks

Closing balance $673.78

Opening balance 1 Dec 11 $673.78
1 Dec 11 Interest $ 1.72
5 Dec 11 Direct Deposit $ 2.50 With many thanks
19 Dec 11 Direct Deposit $ 2.50 With many thanks

Closing balance $680.50

Opening balance 1 Jan 12 $680.50
1 Jan 12 Interest $ 1.76
3 Jan 12 Direct Deposit $ 2.50
16 Jan 12 Direct Deposit $ 2.50
30 Jan 12 Direct Deposit $ 2.50

Closing balance $689.76

I have been trying to contact Carol, who is the other signatory of 
this account, and who lives some distance from me (2000K's) with no 
success. The Key to Harmony business committee, after discussion, 
had agreed to a decision to make a payment of $300 to the Australian 
General Service Office. I will keep trying to make contact with Carol 
as I feel with $689.76 in the Australian account, this group could no 
only donate $300 to AGSO but we can now afford to send a further $300 
to WSO.
Love in service,
Kate P
K2H treasurer

The Key to Harmony business committee, after discussion, 
had   agreed to a decision to make a payment of $300 to the Australian 
General Service Office. I will keep trying to make contact with Carol 
as I feel with $689.76 in the AustralianRY account, this group could no 
only donate $300 to AGSO but we can now afford to send a further $300 
to WSO.  (Note from Kate, our treasurer)
Joyce has stepped down from being Chair Coordinator of the weekly chairs and Meg has stepped forward to replace her.  Thank you Joyce for the years you served as our weekly Chair.  Thank you Meg.  Shals will assist Meg.
In service,
Bea   secretary/archivist
MARCH  2012 

Some of the happenings here within our BC are: Darlene joined our group, Barb F has volunteered to post the Forum for 6 months, donations of $300 dollars to WSO and $300 to AGSO Australian General Service Office from our treasury.  We were well above our prudent reserve of $500 .   This is the first time for sending a donation to AGSO.
Meg is now the Key Share Coordinator with Shals assisting in sending out reminders.   Thanks Joyce for your service.
US treasury report:from Sandy: Checking acct bal. is $237.40 after paying Netsonic's bill of $241.52.  Kate, our treeasurer, will soon be sending us the entire report for March.
In service 
Bea, Secretary/ Archivist
APRIL 2012

There was no KeyBiz Discussion or business this month.

In service,
Bea, secretary
May 2012

Great news from BJ.   I love hearing Pete isms! 

Hey Buzzers (in memory of Pete), I had no idea WSO was actually listing Electronic Meetings on the Internet now on the official site.

In service,
Bea Secretary/Archivist
JUNE 2012

No big issues. Meg has needed assistance a few times as the new chair ( he/
she) didn't respond to her reminder.

In service,
Bea secretary/archivist
JULY 2012

Two questions for discussion:  1)  Is there anyone or two or three on this Business Committee willing to take over the KEYshares Coordinator job?   2)  Are there any suggestions on how to improve the KEYshares Coordinator's job duties?The floor is open for discussion.
In service,

I formally declare discussion of the two issues brought befor this Business

Committee earlier this month to be closed.

Chronology of Events:
1. KEYmail Coordinator resigned position effective August 1.
2. Discussion to fill KEYmail Coordinator position
3. Discussion for suggestions per KEYmail Coordinator job.
4. Bea offered to step in as Acting KEYmail Coordinator in lieu of finding
another volunteer for that position.
5. Bea offered to step down as Secretary/Archivist.
6. Joyce offered to do the Secretary/Archivist job for a short period of time.
7. Joyce Y. has not decided if she wants to join the BC yet but has offered to
chair meetings in the meantime.
8. Discussion Closed.

Discussion Summary: Bea kindly offered to step in as Acting KEYmail Coordinator
in order to keep meetings running smoothly from now until a new Coordinator
volunteers or a volunteer is properly trained in the job and wants to take it
over. Darlene volunteered to help with KEYmail Coordinator job. Joyce offered
to fill in on a temporary basis as Secretary/Archivist. Suggestions were made
by BC members to form committee to help with KEYmail Coordinator job.

As Chairperson, I authorized Bea to step in as Acting KEYmail Coordinator so
that our meetings and volunteer chairs will have as little interruption as
possible. That also includes acquainting the new volunteer, Darlene, with 'how
it works'. They are in that process as I write. No volunteer has stepped
forward to actively take over the KEYmail Coordinator's job duties.

As Chairperson, I designate the current Acting KEYmail Coordinator and volunteer
to form a committee if needed to help with that positions work.

1) Are there any volunteers from KEYbiz to help with the job duties on a
KEYmail Coordinator Committee or who are willing to sign up as emergency chairs?

2) No decision has been made about accepting a temporary volunteer for the
Secretary/Archivist position. What are your thoughts on this situation should
Bea actually step down?

In service,

It looks to me like everything brought up this month has been worked out so, if there is nothing else, I will bang the gavel a couple of times and declare this meeting concluded.  We now have a new KEYmail Coordinator and a Committee of volunteers, Emergency Chairs (ask the general membership too, Darlene), the Secretary opted to stay in that job for a while longer and I see nothing else on the table.  Yea  Bizzers!!  Rah!  Rah!  Rah! 
If there are other matters for discussion, change, addition or you just want information, please let me know because August is upon us and we can always have another meeting or just a discussion session.  
In service,
Other information to our group from BJ indicated she or Sandy handle the keytoharmony-owner mail as well as the moderated mail. BJ wished to carry news concerning the state of our foreign Al-Anon groups to her area group in hopes of starting an outreach program.  Kate responded with meeting conditions in Austrailia. I added the emergency chairs to the each of the vounteer chair files at both sites. Our treasurer's complete report can be seen in the complete July KeyBiz Discussion (5488-55730)

Yes, I am red faced!  There was no business.

In service,
Archivist/ Secretary



There was no business for both months.  In checking the files, I saw I was tardy!  

In service,
Bea/ secretary-- Archivist

No business


We had a 15 dollar donation this month making our total $320.40

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2013
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2013 08:36:50 AM

Kate our treasurer filled us in with her report from July through December.

Maggie joined our BC

Darlene`s reported that the meeting chairs are set through February and soon she will be an invitation to the membership.

Officer and Coordinator Positions were updated by BJ and will be sent monthly along with the guidelines to the membership .  Plus she clarified some KeyBiz information during this discussion.

There is a Motion on the floor by Alice:  #1-2013- I would move that the treasurer&#39;s job be all inclusive of Key&#39;s membership.Is there a Second to this Motion? Barb K seconded the motion..,

Motion #1-2013-1  &quot;I would move that the treasurer&#39;s job be all inclusive of Key&#39;s membership&quot; has passed with 9 Yea votes and one abstention.  

The trial period for K2H having a foreign to US/Canada treasurer is ended.  KeyBiz retains the status quo of Kate, Australia, and Sandy, US, serving as treasurers.

January Business Concluded  (BJ)

Posting problems explained by BJ which ended January.

Complete discussion can be found starting with message 5648  and ending with 5726

Bea  secretary/ Archivist

There was no business this month. I did remove the oldest messages per BC agreement.

In service,
Bea, Secretary/Archivist

Their was no formal meeting only two messages.

1.  Joyce, thank you for your service you have given to the GR Committee through the years.
2.  Sandy filled and sent  a  request  for &quot;Permission To Quote Cal&quot; and also paid the Netsonic bill.   That  will be a part of Kate&#39;s Report.

I also deleted four weeks of key shares.  This was determined by the BC.

In service,
Bea, archivist / secretary

Treasurer&#39;s  Report for January and February.   March will be included in the Kate&#39;s next report.

US Account

Opening balance 1st Jan 2013 $320
Donations January     $378    with many thanks
February donations     $ 40    with many thanks


Exchange rate for Canadian Cheque    $ 7.52

20th March 2013
Netsonic payment     $241.52

Closing balance     $489.36

Australian account

Opening balance 1st Jan 2013     $142.72
1st Jan 2013 Interest     $ .15
14th Jan direct donation     $ 2.50     with many thanks
Closing balance $145.37

Opening balance 1st Feb 2013     $145.37
1st Feb 2013 interest     $ .15

Closing balance     $145.52

In service
Kate P K2H treasurer
April 2013 Business

It was a quiet month.   Just information that 2 members have left the GR group.    I have also removed a months worth oldest shares

In service,

Bea  Secretary.
MAY 2013

We had no business this month.    I removed the oldest shares per agreement.

In service,

Bea, secretary / archivist

Kate&#39;s Treasurer&#39;s Report

Hi All, here is the Treasurers report for the months of March, April and May.  The June statement won&#39;t come out till July and I will be in Vancouver.

US account
Closing balance Feb 28              $489.36

Donation to WSO                      $300
Donation to account 6/3/13        $  15        
Donation 14/5/13                    $  20

Current balance                     $124.36

Australian account
Opening balance 1 March 2013    $145.52
1st March   Interest                $       .13
closing balance                    $145.65

Opening balance 1st April            $145.65
1st April    interest                    $       .15
Closing balance                    $145.80

Opening balance 1st May 2013    $145.80
1st May Interest                    $       .15
Closing balance                    $145.95    

Please keep your donations coming.  You can send a cheque to Sandy in the US  or you  can try electronic banking for the Bendigo account.
The BSB for the Bendigo account is 633000  and the account number is 132832924  I think there might be an international code so will get to the bank tomorrow and send the extra information when I have it.

Please note that my post code at the end of the mails is now 4881, NOT 4872
JUNE 2013 
There was an interesting discussion on attendance and sharing.  The number who share each week has fallen quite a bit.  One may follow our discussion at this site.  The discussion can be found from message 5819 to 5942.    

I removed a month of oldest shares this month per agreement of the BC.

US Treasurer&#39;s report as follows.   The current balance is $224.26.  No income/no bills.  Our  Australia treasurer will give a complete report  adding their donations when she returns from a US vacation

In Service,

Bea, secretary/Archivist

There was no business for both months.

In service,

Bea, Secretary and Archivist


There was a discussion about the lack of volunteers and shares

June 2013
 Opening balance $145.95
1 June Interest .14
 Closing balance $146.09

 Opening balance $146.09
1 July Interest .13
 Closing balance $146.22

 Opening balance $146.22
1 August Interest .14
 Closing balance $146.36

 Opening balance $146.36
1 Sept Interest .13
 Closing balance $146.49

 Finished discussion regarding the note proceeding the format sent to the next volunteer.   Conclusion keep as is but add some
volunteers who can step in if needed.

Sent out two letters  addressing fallen volunteerism and sharing.

One may find the complete discussion at the main site.   5966-5979. Including the treasure's report


From our November discussion, Agenda Item 11/2013-1, volunteers to fill empty positions on this Business Committee are:

Secretary/Archivist - None

US Treasurer Assistant:  Alice B and Shelly S.   Sandy seconded the nomination of Alice, , 

Bea declined to be coordinator of the GR committee

Summary as follows

On another note, K2H will no longer have a gr Committee as there is no gr Coordinator.  Can't have a committee w/o a Coordinator.  Thank you Bea, Sandy and Barb K. for all your work on this committee. 

Also, as of now since there is no Second for the 2d volunteer for US Assistant to the Treasurer, I ask for a consensus vote for Alice for that position.  Actually objections only are needed.  If there are none within a 48 hour period, Alice will be the new Asst. 

Also, as of this volunteer period, K2H will no longer have a Secretary/Archivist.

Thanks to all who participated.

In service,

Foot Notes: Discussion can be found from( 5985 thru 6090)

Maggie will continue to be our Forum Poster & Darlene the coordinator of getting weekly meeting chairmen

Shelly joined the BC  and Joyce  left after she nominated Alice to take over Sandy`s State Side Treasury Job.

BC members are: Leslie, Arlene, Carol, Kate, Meg, Rosemary, Dorothy, Alice, Barb K, Maggie, Darlene, Shelly, Bea, Sandy and BJ

Those who participated in the discussion are Kate, Alice, Shelly Barb, Bea, Joyce, Sandy, Darlene, Sandy , Maggie and BJ

Final note from BJ as follows:


There have been no objections to Alice being the US Assistant to the Treasurer so Alice it is.  You ladies, Kate, Alice, Sandy, get together when it is convenient and work out the details and report back to KEYbiz on whatever you have worked out.  

Again, as of now, K2H/KEYbiz has no Gr. Coordinator or a KEYbiz Secretary/Activist.  We have had no volunteers with tech skills either.  

So be it.
In Service, BJ

Bea Secretary / Archivist

AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2014
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2014 08:49:27 AM
The TechTeam could not locate the Key to Harmony Business Committee minutes for 2014 in the old YahooGroups files section. The following are some KeyBiz items from 2014:


[keybiz] Item # 11.2014-1

        BJ [keybiz]
        Today at 2:52 PM


Hi again Bizzers,

Diana decided to stay with her new Forum Coordinator job; Shelley offered to help her with that and to chair extra.  That leaves Arlene as the new volunteer assistant stateside treasurer.  Her contact info is:  710 West Canyon Road,  Enoch, UT. 84721

Please welcome these people to their jobs and give them encouragement and help where you can.  This BC still lacks a Secretary if anyone is interested. 

I will soon be posting Arlene's contact info to the various trailers and files that require it.  There are several so it will take some time. 

Alice, if you  would, send your bank's K2H balance to Arlene so she can open an account where she lives.  The details will be worked out  as we go.  If anyone besides Sandy and me is interested in being a co-signer on the bank account with Arlene, please, please volunteer.  Generally, all that is required is a copy of a picture ID.  I am sure Arlene will let us know when she finds out more.  The term of service is usually 3 years or until it becomes necessary for a person to resign or a new person expresses a desire to serve after term is expired. 

Thank each one of you who volunteered and responded to this mini-business meeting.  Your suggestions and comments are always welcome.

In service,

[keytoharmony] Off Topic: Treasurers Report

        Kate Prynne [keytoharmony]
        Today at 4:39 PM

To   Key to Harmony Group

Hello to you all, 
And another long read for those interested in the finances of the group, we are all safe and a big thanks to Alice who has handed over the Stateside position to  Arlene whose name you will now see on the bottom of all the shares. 
I am going to be a lone member for the next 6 months as I will be out west in an isolated community of around 1300 people 60% of whom are aboriginal. This group will be such a life line for me and I will continue with my service work, thanks to the internet, such a wonderful invention. So, I am about to come out of retirement and back into teaching and running programmes, I will be running the adult education centre in a place called Normanton. Long story. I will be driving the 700 ks out there next week, with trusty new laptop, printers and clothes, oh and all my jewellery making equipment. the car will be full.   If anyone wants to drop me a line on the odd occasion, I will be very happy! 
so, on with the serious stuff.

The Australian account.

Bendigo Bank 
BSB                    633-000
Account number 132832924

Title:  Key to Harmony Al-Anon Family Group

Opening balance    332.30
1 Sept    interest          .28
Closing balance    332.58

Opening balance    332.58
1 Oct Interest          .28
Closing balance    332.86

Opening balance    332.86
I Nov Interest          .28
Closing balance    333.14

Opening balance    333.14
1 Dec Interest          .28
Closing balance 333.42

Opening balance     333.42
1 Jan Interest          .28
Closing balance    333.70

U S 

Here is Alice’s summery on her passing over to 

Stateside Assistant Treasurer's Report Sept 13 2014
Opening Deposit March 5, 2014 $272.26
Donation March 31, thank you $ 50.00
Check paid to NetSonic March 11, 2014 $-143.20
Balance March 31, 2014 $179.06
Opening Balance April 1 2014 $179.06
Ending Balance April 30, 2014 $179.06
Opening Balance May 1 2014 179.06
Ending Balance May 31, 2014 $179.06
Opening Balance June 1 2014 $179.06
Donation June 26 Thank you $ 35.00
Ending Balance June 30 2014 $ 214.06
Opening Balance July 1 2014 $214.06
Ending Balance July 31, 2014 $214.06
Opening Balance August 1 2014 $214.06
Ending Balance August 31, 2014 $214.06

and the final report from Alice

October 1st opening balance: $214.06
Paper deposit: $10.00
Other Deposit: $10.00
Ending Balance: $234.06.

Thank you Alice for your service

And here is the first report from our new Stateside assistant. 

As of 1/28/15, we have $234.06 in the local bank account here.

I received a money order from Alice for $45.40 (the remainder of the Texas account ) yesterday and a $20 donation.

After I deposit them tomorrow, we will have $299.46 in our account.

So, $299.46US in the US account and $333.70Aus in the Australian one (don’t forget that the exchange rate has changed and if I were to send over any money at the moment, I doubt it would be  much more than $300Aus

That’s it for the moment.

In service
Kate P
Key to Harmony Treasurer.


AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2015
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2015 09:03:25 AM

January through April 2015 there was no business

Discussion---Newcomer greeter.   Shelly will be the coordinator thru September with the rest of our group doing monthly duty.

In service,

MAY 2015

Concepts discussion.   This will be on a trial basis.  Once a month (first week) will be devoted to the Concepts for a year.  Evaluation  by the BC will follow.

Note from one wondering if there should be a membership discussion.   BJ kindly  responded. Discussion followed.  Those who participated in the discussion are as follows:  Kate, Darlene, Sandy, Diana, BJ, Barb and Joyce

JUNE 2015

Diana suggested we have a physical greeter and BJ thought it a good suggestion.  However, to avoid burn out there should be several of us.   It would be a 6 months  trial if approved.   Right now it is up in the air.  Also those who get the notice of new members would need to forward the new members email to the volunteer.  BJ asked for input and there was no response.

In service,
Bea Recording secretary


There hasn`t  been any business this month.   However, there is a slight  correction in last month`s report.   Shelly is the chairman of the greeter committee.  


Joyce will keep us  informed on current WSO news,   Thank you for your service, Joyce.


There was lots of discussion this month.   Two members volunteered to be of help with service positions. 

BJ will be working with Shelley on her new Alt. Chair position and Darlene will be working with Diana training her in the duties of KEYmail Chair Coordinator.


There was no business this month.   Only information:  Shelley will be sending greeting to the newcomers in December and I Bea, w ill be doing the  greeting in  January, WHOIS Data Confirmation for and introduction to KeyBiz.  (sent to newcomers)


There was no business this month.  ( December 2015 )


AUTHOR: TechTeam
TITLE: KeyBiz Minutes 2016
PRIMARY CATEGORY: Secretary's Report
CATEGORY: Secretary's Report

DATE: 12/31/2016 09:22:08 AM
<B>JANUARY 2016</B>

After our bills have been paid any money above our prudent reserve ($500.00 ) will be sent to WSO

Complaints---BC member questioning a meeting opening.  There have been no further replies to this complaint so it is null and void but the original email is made part of the minutes.  

From Arlene:

Our balance as of November 30 was $452.34, with no donations. We had two $50 donations in December. One was from Canada and we were charged a $16.94 exchange fee. Our balance is now $535.40. 

NetSonic Bill has been paid and includes 5 years of service.   

For Future Reference

Of great note:  Joyce has volunteered to revive the Sponsorship Coordinator position and be the Coordinator.    Shelley has volunteered to serve as Alternate Chairman.
Thank you very much ladies.  Please read in the "files" sections of both KEY email web sites regarding the duties of these positions.  Also, ask questions, make suggestions you have via KEYbiz.  There is also position info contained in past Minutes of Meetings when these positions were in the process of being created and, last but not least, consult your Service M anuals for general information.

Please be aware that some duties, etc. of Al-Anon service positions have had to be tweaked (not twerked) out of necessity to fit an On Line situation.

Thanks for your input, Joyce.  You don't see anything about posting in 'files' because we didn't have this technical set up when the Guidelines and Coordinator/Officer jobs were created.  Making information available to all is just a given of those of us in service.It is a courtesy to others and just plain common sense to share information on KEYbiz .. and for posterity's sake since we have ample storage. This means one person doesn't have to be responsible for keeping up with all info and making it available as in the early days when we had no storage or files available.  Or in cases of BC members, espe cially, not being OL, available or still a member of the BC/K2H ... or not available to retrieve needed info from at all.  All these things have happened in the past and have caused problems that hampered our service work.  

And, no, it's not vetting.  We have had people join K2H for reasons other than personal recovery.   It helps to be able to recognize that sort of thing before adding members to a personal contact list.  It  has happened more times than I care to remember and caused some problems and loss of members.  It is just common sense to know it has happened and can happen again and to do what we can to try to make any list as safe as possible and to certainly keep Al-Anon Al-Anon - doubly so in this format.  

To wit:  K2H had an author join who wanted to get in closer touch with K2H members and write their personal stories.  He was professional enough to contact the BC/me explaining his intentions and asked for permission and I turned him down.  

Then there was the very obnoxious religious man who wanted an open door to "save" members.  When I asked him what he wanted to "save" them from and what was the connection to the program, he dropped his membership.  

There have been numerous people join K2H who are associated with OL counseling services, who were scavenging for new clients.  

Then too there are people who join using business/school addresses (even with business ads in their signatures).  They either do not understand or care what using an address like that means for themselves or those they communicate privately with.  It would certainly not be acceptable to have that on a list of possible sponsors. We need to weed out as much of this sort of thing as possible before KEYbiz backs a list of possible sponsors.  Hopefully, there won't be the problems experienced in the past. 

It is also Al-Anon policy to suggest men sponsor men and women sponsor women.  Many times an email address or signature does not indicate if a person is to male or female.  They need to be asked.

This is not a new thing for KEY, Joyce.  If the caca hits the fan as it has in past situations, you may not like/may need help dealing with the fall out.  That is why we are Officers and Coordinators with experience f2f that we have incorporated to this OL format.  

The domain name change was due to our original domain name being sold to another party when the original name was not renewed in a timely manner, Joyce.  

The current/new domain name is one of 2 or 3 NetSonic suggested that were closest to the original one (.org denotes non-profit).  I chose one out of those offered since I am the owner.  No domain name containing .org was available.  That Domain Name is for the web page K2H owns and this one time I made the initial payment in order to facilitate matters.   Be it WHOIS, NetSonic or personal, the renewal for our original domain name did not make it to me or to the BC.

The domain registry # is provided by the domain name company.

Obviously NetSonic does not require a fax since my fax is non-functional due to no longer having a land line.

An alternate chair will certainly have to be aware of the business machinations that keep K2H On Line.  Should it ever be decided that another [active] BC member become the "owner" (NetSonic, WHOIS, in place of the Business Chair, that person will certainly have to know the ins and outs and be willing to provide their per sonal information plus credit card information if required.

?3. CANN, the organization responsible for the stability of the Internet,
requires that each domain name registrant be given the opportunity to
correct any inaccurate contact data (WHOIS data) associated with a domain
name registration. Our records for your domain are as follows:

Registry Domain ID: D171460638-LROR
Updated Date: 2014-03-17T15:40:30Z
Creation Date: 2014-03-17T15:40:28Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-03-17T15:40:28Z
Reseller: NetSonic - A Division of Dynamic Ventures LLC
Reseller: 920 432 0360
Domain Status: serverTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: tuacjqBzKXCoBihp
Registrant Name: Barbara (BJ) Turner
Registrant Organization: N/A
Registrant Street: 2321 S. 25th Street
Registrant City: Fort Smith
Registrant State/Province: AR
Registrant Postal Code: 72901
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4794592334
Registrant Phone Ext: 
Registrant Fax: +1.4794592334
Registrant Fax Ext: 
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID: tu5mdEr6JNboPVa0
Admin Name: Barbara (BJ) Turner
Admin Organization: N/A
Admin Street: 2321 S. 25th Street
Admin City: Fort Smith
Admin State/Province: Arkansas
Admin Postal Code: 72901
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.4794592334
Admin Phone Ext: 
Admin Fax: +1.4794592334
Admin Fax Ext: 
Admin Email:
Registry Billing ID: tu6oTcLOPGPFUsNp
Billing Name: Barbara (BJ) Turner
Billing Organization: N/A
Billing Street: 2321 S. 25th Street
Billing City: Fort Smith
Billing State/Province: Arkansas
Billing Postal Code: 72901
Billing Country: US
Billing Phone: +1.4794592334
Billing Phone Ext: 
Billing Fax: +1.4794592334
Billing Fax Ext: 
Billing Email:
Registry Tech ID: tufI2De2qXn46VHj
Tech Name: Domains Administrator
Tech Organization: NetSonic - A Division of Dynamic Ventures LLC
Tech Street: 1263 Main St. Suite #123
Tech City: Green Bay
Tech State/Province: WI
Tech Postal Code: 54302
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.9204320360
Tech Phone Ext: 
Tech Fax: +1.9204320364
Tech Fax Ext: 
Tech Email:
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2014-03-17T15:40:30Z <<<

In service,
Bea -----

<B>FEBRUARY 2016</B>

Online banking was thoroughly discussed and went through a trial run and there was success.  An introduction to the membership is in the works regarding this choice when making a donation through online banking  Thank you Diana who did the trial run.   The information given to the main group will consist of  short notice sent to the main list  explaining the addition to donation making, etc.  Submitted to this committee, we'll look it over, make corrections if necessary and, provided there are no objections, it will become part of the March Minutes.  Then we can take what info is necessary and add that to  the trailers

The Newcomer Greeter Committee has completed a six month trial and now will be part of the existing committees.  Shelly, Barb, Bea, Diana and Joyce rotate months.  

.I sent the form to add me as a 3rd person on the US account.   (Darlene)

Anything posted in 'files' at the K2H or KEYbiz listserv sites, especially for the first time, needs to go through KEYbiz before posting, Joyce.  

Neither of these have a suspect address (and we do know them) so they can be posted with an explanation of what it is for, what to do, etc.  Do you have a note of explanation so members will know what they are looking for? 

Kate`s report follows:

<B>Australian Account</B>;  Bendigo Bank,
BSB 633000
Account No 132832924
Account title:  Key to Harmony Al-Anon Family Group

1 Sept 2015 Opening balance $335.64
1 Sept 2015 Interest $    0.29
Closing balance  $335.93

1 Oct 2015 Opening balance $335.93
1 Oct 2015 Interest $    0.27
Closing balance  $336.20

1 Nov 2015 Opening balance $336.20
1 Nov 2015 Interest $    0.29
Closing balance  $336.49

1 Oct 2015 Opening balance $336.49
1 Oct 2015 Interest $    0.27
Closing balance  $336.76

January 2016
1 Jan 2016 Opening balance $335.93
1 Jan 2016 Interest $    0.29
Closing balance  $337.05

<B>US Account</B>
Balance      12/1/2015:    452.34

Deposit       12/10/2 015:    50.00

Deposit       12/22/2015:    50.00

Debit memo   1/4/2016:     16.94
(Transaction charge on Canadian funds---$50
    Deposit 12/22/2015)

Direct debit.    1/4/2016:     85.00
(5 years Netsonic service)

Balance.           1/7/2016  $ 450.40

In service,
Bea Secretary

<B>MARCH 2016</B>

Concepts discussion 3/2016-1

It has been decided to continue with the concepts as is, once a month


Netsonic Bill of $97.20 has been paid for the year and we will be able to send WSO  $300.

That is correct, we will be able to donate $300 to WSO and still have funds in the account and build upon that. 

Mary (our new bizzer) is going to ensure she is updated into the K2H account here in Australia, and will be a signatory to the account, which means easier access, with the two of us to the account, where we will possibly be able to make the next WSO payment.


<B>APRIL 2016</B>

No discussion, service reports given and Questions answered.

<B>JULY 2016</B>

Bea stepped down as our secretary and the position is now available. Discussion was held on the need for more involvement in the BizCom. Shelley put an invitation to join the committee on K2H and one person accepted. 

There is still a need for Secretary and more administrative help on the committee.

Other discussion from July:

Joyce asked if the Secretary position could be fulfilled without that person being a moderator. BJ responded that it would require a change in the job description and would push duties to other people, namely the chair. 

Currently (as of July) there are 9 people on the BizCom and 4 doing the majority of the work: BJ (chair), Darlene (meeting chair coordinator) and Kate & Arlene (States and out of States treasurers). BJ thanked each of these members for performing their duties without help or complaint. 

BJ stated that all members were invited to read the job descriptions on the listserv for Secretary and Archivist positions. This position is a moderator position and requires knowledge of how to block spammers and navigate the site. She welcomed any questions to and advised that these inquiries would be answered and forwarded to the business commit.

BJ also asked for suggestions/comments to the invitation to join sent out by Shelley (after being reminded that this was part of the Alternate Chair's responsibilities.) No suggestions or comments were given. 

<B>AUGUST 2016</B>

Early in the month, Yahoo response times were slow, but this seems to have been resolved. 

Darlene posted the new Key Chair schedule

Kate promised a treasures report 

Barb reported greeting one person in July. Diana is greeter for August and Shelley for September. 

Mary offered to be a back up to BJ now that she has resolved some technical issues. She has IT and moderator experience. BJ welcomed her assistance.

Joyce questioned the presence of 2 sets of minutes for July. BJ clarified that Shelley was filling in as Secretary as part of the Alternate Chair duties and had made revisions that did not need to go to the group for approval prior to posting. 

BJ posted a history of OL Alanon

Business carried into Sept:    
    Treasures report
    Filling of vacant KeyBiz positions: Secretary, Archivist
Shelley 9/11/2016

<B>OCTOBER 2016</B>

Welcome committee had welcomed 3 people in September

No new donations to the treasurer

Some discussion on possible hacking that resolved itself.

<B>NOVEMBER 2016</B>

BJ sent our confirmation OFf WHOIS Data Conformation from 
BJ explained that the name was due to our losing our previous domain name when a previous treasure did not pay the bill on time. At that time, BJ stepped in and secured the new name and domain using her own funds.

Joyce asked about the possibility of bringing to the group a discussion from her AWCS re: changing the prayer at the end of Just for Today. BJ explained that since we at Key have ' no representation at regional, district or area levels much less WSO policy committee meetings.' We do not have Group Representatives, District Representatives or Area Representatives. 
Joyce then asked to have the minutes reflect that she withdrew her request to bring this discussion to the group.

<B>DECEMBER 2016</B>

BJ made us aware of the following website on which to learn about the history of online Al Anon

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