Members Participating

1.   Arlene - yes
2.   Barb - yes
3.   BJ - yes
4.   Buddy - yes
5.   Cathy -yes
6.   Darlene - yes
7.   Diana - yes
8.   Kate - yes"
9.   Joyce- yes

10. Nancy - yes 11. Rose - yes 12. Shelley - yes 13. Sophie - yes

REPORTS 1. AlternateChair (Buddy)

2. BusinessChair (BJ))

3. CALCordinator (Joyce) : I sent out the IN THE LOOP NEWSLETTERS FROM WSO to the membership January 31st. They were late in going out because I had inadvertently signed off receiving them. I was able to get help from WSO yesterday to find them . Individual members can sign up to receive them if they wish to do so . In service, Joyce

4. Gentle Reminder Coordinator (Darlene) : Diana volunteered to be on the GR committee, so there are now 5 of us. Following is the volunteer schedule for the beginning of this year.

Jan - Darlene Feb - Cathy March - Rose April - Shelley May - Diana Since there are 5 of us now we can easily be flexible. I think that following the experiences of January, we all have a better idea of how to move forward.

5. Meeting Coordinator (Barb)

6. Secretary/Archivist (Joyce):. The December 2018 KTH MEETING MINUTES have been posted to the web blog. In service, Joyce

7. SponsorCoordinator (Sophie)

8. StatesideTreasurer (Shelley)

9. Treasurer(Kate)

10. Webmaster (Buddy) : The December Activity Report has been posted on the Key to Harmony blog: http://www.key2harmony.org/files/archives/000050.html Buddy


A1. Proposed changes to Frequently Asked Questions on Website re: Crosstalk made and passed A2. Resolving current crosstalk disruptions to meetings - Gentle Reminder Committee consensus supported by Business Committee

B. Consideration of a Newcomer Meeting began and then was tabled for now giving BizCom members time to read a download from al-anon.org on Beginners Meetings


Welcome new members

By Secretary | on Thursday, February 7 2019 07:24