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Thursday, October 3 2019

September GR Committee Report

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Diana is no longer a member of the GR committee, but we are hoping she will return in the future. Thank you to Shelley for picking up as GR person in September, which was a “tricky” month, after she was away for a bit. Next up is Cathy for the month of October. As always, thank you all for your service!

Thursday, September 12 2019

GR Committee Volunteer Schedule for 2019

GR Committee Schedule - 2019
January Darlene
February Cathy
March Rose
April Shelley
May Diana
June Darlene
July Cathy
August Rose
Sept. Darlene
October Cathy
Nov. Rose
Dec. Shelley

Saturday, July 6 2019

June GR Committee

Darlene was our volunteer for June...starting off a second rotation of the 5 volunteers on the committee. Many thanks to everyone! Going forward the GR coordinator will be posting Key's FAQs and Guidelines to all Key members on a monthly basis.

May GR Committee

Diana was our Gentle Reminder volunteer for May. She had a “challenging” month and a number of GR emails needed to be sent. Many thanks to Diana for her service!

Monday, April 29 2019

April GR Committee

Thank you to Shelley, for her service in April as our Gentle Reminder volunteer! Diana will be our volunteer in May. Thank you all for your service.